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Amid Campus Flu Outbreak, Students Face Difficulties Scheduling Tests

Amid Campus Flu Outbreak, Students Face Difficulties Scheduling Tests

By Giulia Testa September 16, 2021

When Sophie Bennett (COL ’23) woke up with a sore throat, she immediately set out to get a COVID-19 test. Bennett chose to stay home and seek out tests for additional illnesses while awaiting her...

KIKI SCHMALFULSS FOR THE HOYA | Students report inadequate care at the Student Health Center, alongside a lack of transparency surrounding Georgetowns health insurance plan.

GU Health Services Lack Adequate Accessibility for Students

By Kirsten Garino January 31, 2020

After several days of fever and achiness to start his sophomore year at Georgetown University, Niels Ruigrok (COL ’22) visited the Student Health Center on Sept. 10, 2019, where a doctor diagnosed him...

VIEWPOINT: Take Action for AIDS Day

VIEWPOINT: Take Action for AIDS Day

By Talia Parker and Chloe Kekedjian December 1, 2019

On Dec. 1, we commemorate World AIDS Day. As of 2018, approximately 38 million people around the world are living with HIV. 770,000 people died of AIDS-related illnesses in 2018 alone, bringing the total...

PARKER: More Screenings for Students

PARKER: More Screenings for Students

By Talia Parker February 21, 2018

In April 2017, Georgetown University implemented a free and confidential screening for sexually transmitted infections. The screening, now offered once per semester, has had encouraging results. Over 70...

Student Health Center Offers Free HIV Screening

By Matthew Larson April 21, 2017

Seventy Georgetown community members were provided free HIV testing Tuesday in an event co-hosted by the Student Health Center and the Georgetown Medical AIDS Advocacy Network to engage and educate...

Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson addressed student concerns regarding campus health resources.

Roundtable Proposes Increased Health Resources

By Darius Iraj March 24, 2017

A lack of resources prevents improvements to student health, according to students and administrators in a panel on student health in the Healey Family Student Center on Wednesday. At the panel...

EDITORIAL: Understaffing Impedes Health Accessibility

By Editorial Board February 10, 2017

Over the course of the past week, H*yas for Choice has shared stories on Facebook of Georgetown women’s experiences with the Student Health Center, based on an anonymous online survey. Among the responses,...


Despite common student perceptions, there have been significant improvements in campus health and wellness. Collaborations between the Georgetown University Student Association, Health Education Services and the Student Health Center, among others, have led to increased awareness and engagement.

Campus Health: Where Are We Now?

By Eleanor Tolf February 3, 2017

When reflecting on student wellness on campus, it is easy to sensationalize and laser focus on extreme examples of poor health. With their risky behavior and lack of self-care, college students have...

MedStar Health; Dr. Vincent Winklerprins MD

University Appoints Assistant Vice President of Student Health

By Jack Lynch March 22, 2016

Dr. Vincent WinklerPrins, MD, will serve as Assistant Vice President of Student Health beginning in April, according to an e-mail sent by Vice President of Student Affairs Todd Olson to campus student...

Georgetown ranked 112th on the 10th Annual Trojan Brand Condoms’ 2015 Sexual Health Report Card, falling 19 spots from its 93rd ranking in 2014. Schools were evaluated on the accessibility of sexual health resources, with Oregon State University taking first place.

GU Falls Further in Annual Sexual Health Rankings

By Aly Pachter November 13, 2015

Georgetown fell 19 spots, from 93 to 112, in the 10th Annual Trojan Brand Condoms’ 2015 Sexual Health Report Card, a study that ranked 140 colleges and universities based on the accessibility of sexual...

The Student Health Center drew criticism from students for slow response times, part of a general discontent with university physical, mental and sexual health services.

Concerns With Campus Health Care Span Array of Issues

By Molly Simio April 24, 2015

On a campus with a population that is known for its passion for and devotion to activities, academics and internships, students often put health on a backburner. The university faced continued struggles...

Panel Discusses Sexual Health

By Emma Rizk February 27, 2015

H*yas for Choice convened a panel of representatives from Georgetown Health Education Services, Planned Parenthood Metropolitan Washington and Advocates for Youth to discuss sexual health resources...

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