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Retired Washington Post Editor Reflects On Future of Journalism

Retired Washington Post Editor Reflects On Future of Journalism

By Campus News Editor March 5, 2021

Journalism continues to play an indispensable role in the functioning democracy even as the industry transitions to an online format, Marty Baron, former executive editor of The Washington Post, said...

From left to right: Jameel Jaffer, director of the Knight Institute; Laura Poitras, a documentary filmmaker who reported on the National Security Agency’s PRISM surveillance program after receiving classified information from Edward Snowden; Alberto Mora, former general counsel of the U.S. Navy known for leaking information about torture at Guantanamo Bay; Martin Baron, executive editor of The Washington Post; Carrie Cordero, former counsel to the assistant U.S. attorney general; and Sanford Ungar, the director of Georgetown’s Free Speech Project.

America Must Protect The Freedom of The Press, Panelists Say

By Olivia Eggers September 25, 2018

At a time when the press’s relationship with the executive branch is increasingly strained, protecting the First Amendment rights of both journalists and whistleblowers —those who leak information...

FEINMAN TODD: The Value of Teaching Journalism

By Barbara Feinman Todd December 4, 2017

I’m leaving the Hilltop after 25 years. Typing that sentence is at once both painful and exhilarating. Leaving a place that has been so good to you is hard, but it’s important to always be pushing...

Global Press Freedoms Decline, Activists Say

By Hannah Urtz April 27, 2017

Press freedoms have declined in the United States and around the world as authoritarian governments and strongmen erode journalist protections, according to Reporters Without Borders’ 2017 World Press...

Courtesy Nasser Kalaji
Kim Bodnia as the interrogator and Gael García Bernal as Maziar Bahari in Jon Stewart’s directorial debut “Rosewater” about Bahari’s experience.

Targeting the Truth

By Hannah Kaufman and Jess Kelham-Hohler November 21, 2014

Last Sunday, Iranian-Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari came to Georgetown with Jon Stewart to screen the latter’s directorial debut “Rosewater,” a drama based on Bahari’s experiences of interrogation...

A Budding Movement

A Budding Movement

By Hunter Main October 24, 2014

The headline, although tucked deep within the Oct. 1, 1936 edition of The Washington Post, blared with the frantic, sensationalist urgency of a piece reporting on the apocalypse. “STUDENTS STAGE...

Washington Post Launches App

By Kelly Church November 11, 2010

Readers will now be able to peruse D.C.'s most widely read newspaper on the go, as The Washington Post released an iPad application on Nov. 8, the latest in a trend of national newspapers making the jump...

Grad Student Aims to Become Political Pundit

By Michael Appau November 2, 2010

Fears about the journalism industry's future hasn't stopped 1,396 writers vying to become "America's Next Great Pundit." The winner of the contest will receive a three-month contract with The Washington...

The Post Awarded 4 Pulitzers

By Richard Rinaldi April 16, 2010

Despite an ever-changing climate for the news business, an old mainstay - print journalism - was in the spotlight Sunday, when four Washington Post writers received Pulitzer Prizes, the most awards of...

Readership Program Renewal Delayed

By Rebecca Nadler January 16, 2010

The relaunch of the Collegiate Readership Program has been postponed as it waits to collect the necessary funds from its sponsors. The program, which provides free copies of The New York Times,...

Getting the Scoop in the Age of PR

By Walter Pincus January 16, 2010

When I graduated in May 2001 with a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center, the commencement speaker singled me out at the time as the oldest person, at 68, to have earned a law degree from the school. Today,...

Words of Wisdom Voiced From the Trenches

By Rob Pegoraro January 16, 2010

My experience as a reporter in D.C. started with four years of working for zero compensation: no money, no course credit, not even a free T-shirt. You could say that was excellent training for today's...

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