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The Cast and Crew of ‘Pippin’ Prove to Audiences What a Little Magic Can Do

By Elizabethe Bogrette, Deputy Guide Editor April 17, 2024

“Pippin,” first produced in 1972, has taken on many musical forms since its conception on Broadway. From classic musical theater songs such as “Magic to Do” and “No Time at All” to dark plots...

On the Lawn Explores Lawns as a Space for Making Connections

‘On the Lawn’ Explores Lawns as a Space for Making Connections

By Abigail Corrao November 14, 2019

“On the Lawn,” a production put on by the Georgetown University theater and performance studies program, inventively highlights issues of climate change, ecological conquest and land transformation...

Vanity Fair Adaptation Stays True to Heart of Play

‘Vanity Fair’ Adaptation Stays True to Heart of Play

By Anastasia Armendariz March 28, 2019

“I never blush,” declares the smirking Becky Sharp, the principal character of Shakespeare Theatre Company’s “Vanity Fair.” Between scholarship, film and even a 2018 Amazon Studios miniseries,...


Theater Review: ‘Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play’

By Julia Yaeger January 23, 2018

A post-apocalyptic society without television or electricity is the backdrop for an unnerving examination of entertainment itself in “Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play,” a joint production by student...

Theater Sparks Dialogue on and off Stage

Theater Sparks Dialogue on and off Stage

By Jane Mikus November 17, 2017

A bare stage in Poulton Hall is shrouded in darkness. At once, a young man strolls out from stage right and begins speaking to the audience. He asks for someone to yell "Start the f---king play!" An...


The Keegan Theatre Presents ‘Top Girls’

By Juliette Silvain November 14, 2017

First staged in London in 1982, “Top Girls,” written by Carly Churchill, is reborn at the Keegan Theatre in Washington, D.C. The play chronicles the story of Marlene, a young woman living in Britain...


GU’s Theater and Performance Studies Program Presents ‘Caesar’

By Rachel Linton November 6, 2017

“How many ages hence / shall this our lofty scene be acted over / in states unborn and accents yet unknown!” Cassius asks as he and his co-conspirators wash their hands in Caesar’s blood. The line...

The Black Theatre Ensemble Presents The Hand That Feeds You

The Black Theatre Ensemble Presents ‘The Hand That Feeds You’

By Meghan DeCourcey November 3, 2017

Known for creating a space for underrepresented voices to be heard, Georgetown University’s Black Theatre Ensemble kicks off its 2017–2018 season with an original student work that deals with race,...

Nomadic Theatre Presents ‘Exit, Pursued by a Bear’

By Rachel Linton October 22, 2017

Nomadic Theatre’s first show of the season, Lauren Gunderson’s “Exit, Pursued by a Bear,” brings the theater troupe back to its core principles of being “technically ambitious and socially...

Coming Soon: Mask and Bauble’s ‘Rumors’

By Meghan DeCourcey October 6, 2017

The Mask and Bauble Dramatic Society’s first show of the season “Rumors” is over-the-top, entertaining and, simply put, ridiculous. Written by Neil Simon, who is is best known for his play “The...


‘Stones in His Pockets’ at the Keegan Theatre

By Rachel Linton October 3, 2017

  The set consists of only eight objects: on the left and right sides of the stage, two black production cases, and in the center, two movie-set black folding chairs, stamped with “EXTRAS”...


A Glimpse Into Georgetown’s Fall Theater Productions

By Meghan DeCourcey September 1, 2017

With the beginning of every new school year comes a new season of performing arts. The student theater groups at Georgetown University have prepared an outstanding season of drama and comedy. Here...

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