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GUSA Confirms Angert and Kluger as Victors

Three-and-a-half weeks after the first scheduled vote, the Georgetown University Student Association has elected a new president.

GUSA voted Wednesday night to certify the election of Calen Angert (MSB ’11) and Jason Kluger (MSB ’11) as GUSA president and vice president.

Thirteen senators voted to certify and two abstained after Election Commissioners Mirco Haag (SFS ’09) and Reza Jan (SFS ’09) recommended that the election be certified.

“Our final recommendation is that you certify this election including the first and second round of balloting,” Haag told the senate.

Haag also recommended that next year GUSA, the Election Commission and the Constitutional Council work more closely to insure that this year’s problems are not repeated.

According to Haag, Angert and Kluger defeated Jeff Lamb (MSB ’10) and Molly Breen (MSB ’11) in the second round of voting with 54.45 percent of the vote – or 1,023 individual votes.

“I’d like to think [we won because] . students really appreciate our platform and see that the goals we’re looking to achieve are rooted in reality and grounded, and they think we’re the best candidates for the job,” Angert said.

This decision comes after the GUSA Constitutional Council overturned the Election Commission’s decision to disqualify Lamb and Peter Dagher (MSB ’10) from the election, at which point former Election Commissioners Sophia Behnia (COL ’09), Frederick Moore (COL ’09) and Will Dreher (SFS ’09) resigned.

One of the senators who abstained from voting along with Angert, Josh Mogil (SFS ’11), who was one of the presidential candidates eliminated in the first round of voting, said that he supported Angert and Kluger as president and vice president, but he cautioned that the GUSA Senate needs to step back and consider the consequences of its decision. Mogil attempted to file a formal appeal after the second round of voting but was denied by the GUSA Constitutional Council.

“I’m not arguing whether or not we should certify or not certify,” Mogil said. “Are we doing what’s easier for GUSA, or what’s better for the students?”

He reflected on his experiences campaigning in dormitories during the presidential race and hearing disappointment and disillusionment with GUSA from the student body.

“It was so frustrating to see everyone as equally frustrated with an organization I am embarrassed to call myself a part of,” he said. “I still don’t think it was a fair election, though I think they will do a good job.”

Angert and Kluger will be inaugurated next week by GUSA Senate Vice-Speaker Nick Troiano (COL ’11).

“We’re clearly pretty happy; we’re pretty excited. In terms of policy for next year, we’re going to get on the ground running. We’re very ecstatic. If I could reiterate a message to the student body: We’re going to work pretty hard for the student body next year,” Angert said.

GUSA Senate Speaker Reggie Greer (COL ’09) said that GUSA President Pat Dowd is currently planning inauguration festivities, which Greer expects will be held sometime next week.

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