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New Customized Web Pages at CampusLive

It is a common dilemma for the Georgetown student: navigating one Web site for checking your mail, another Web site for posting your homework, and yet another for receiving your grades. However, thanks to the creators of CampusLIVE, a company that has given students the ability to create customized homepages, Hoyas have to look no further for links to all of their educational and social needs.

“It is a resource for students to get everything they need all in one place,” said Sasha Grosman, the marketing director of CampusLIVE. “We try to be a one-stop shop for college students.”

The CampusLIVE Georgetown Web page, which was officially launched on Jan. 25, includes a multitude of resources that connect students to both on- and off-campus information. Along with widgets that give students immediate access to Gmail, the weather forecast and Facebook, the Web page also provides links to GUMail, Blackboard and GEORGE. The Web site also features a “Food Finder,” allowing students to browse take-out and restaurant options in the D.C. area.

Grosman said that the founders of CampusLIVE chose to include Georgetown because they were incredibly impressed by the university’s student body.

“Georgetown is a campus where the students are really active and are really proud to be from there,” he said. “It just seemed like a cool place.”

Other universities in the CampusLIVE network include Amherst University, Boston College and Brown University.

Alexander Wong (SFS ’11), a former HOYA photo editor, and Shanneli Mendez-Carlo (MSB ’11), are instrumental to Georgetown’s inclusion in the CampusLIVE network. Wong and Mendez-Carlo are both CampusLIVE interns.

endez-Carlo, who learned of the CampusLIVE internship through the Georgetown University Career Development Center, said that she thinks that the Web site can be a great tool for students.

“You can personalize it. For example, you can choose what newspapers or magazines you want to read in your news feed,” Mendez-Carlo said. “It is cool because it has everything a student needs but at the same time you can customize it however you want, specifically.”

According to Grosman, CampusLIVE will rely heavily on Georgetown’s active student body to spread awareness of the company.

“It is really a word-of-mouth campaign,” Grosman said. “We want students to say to their friends `Hey, this is really cool, you should check it out.'”

endez-Carlo and Wong have also been reaching out to students through Facebook groups.

CampusLIVE, which also launched the 2.0 version of its Web site on Jan. 25, was created by three alumni of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Jared Stenquist, Boris Revsin and Jeff Cassidy were ranked in third place by Business Week’s “America’s Best Young Entrepreneurs of 2008” for the success of CampusLIVE.

CampusLIVE was officially established in October 2006.

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