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EDITORIAL: Avoid Forking Over for Campus Meal Plans

The past academic year has seen the successful implementation of long-anticipated dining reforms and the promise of further renovations by fall of 2017. However, students continue to skewer Auxiliary Business Services over the limitations of its campus meal plan. The university needs to deliver more than just upgraded menus to[Read More…]

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Elevate’s off-campus meal provides Georgetown students an alternative to current campus dining plans offered by the university.

Off-Campus Meal Plan Launches

Elevate, a startup founded by two graduates from the University of Virginia, is offering an alternative meal plan that allows students to receive meals from a variety of restaurants off-campus the at the start of this spring semester. UVA graduates Josh Cohen and Seth Kramer founded Elevate during their time[Read More…]

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Georgetown Dining Offers Basketball Tickets in Meal Plan Raffle

Georgetown Dining will offer student section tickets to Georgetown men’s basketball games to students purchasing meal plans this fall. As an incentive to encourage the use of meal plans, the first 30 juniors or seniors who purchase a meal plan between Aug. 29 and Sept. 12 will receive a student[Read More…]

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Students expressed concerns about meal plans at a forum on Thursday.

University Backs Down on 3-Year Meal Plan Requirement

The university is no longer considering mandating a third-year meal plan, Vice President for Auxiliary Services Joelle Wiese announced at a forum in Sellinger Lounge on Thursday night. “We were just kind of brainstorming and throwing [ideas] out there and that just happened to be one of them,” Wiese said.[Read More…]

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A Dialogue of Distrust

When reports that the university is considering mandating a third-year meal plan surfaced late on a Wednesday night, students understandably responded with outrage at what was correctly interpreted as an affront to the idea of a working relationship between students and administrators. Less than 48 hours later, representatives of three[Read More…]

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The university is considering requiring students to purchase a meal plan for three years, an extension of the current two-year mandate.

Required 3-Year Leo’s on Table

The university is considering implementing a third-year meal plan requirement, according to a press release issued by the Georgetown University Student Association on Wednesday. The announcement was met with dissent from many students, leading to an IdeaScale petition against the plan that had amassed over 450 student signatures by press[Read More…]

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Leo’s Limits Meal Swipe Use

Aramark, the managing group behind Georgetown’s dining services, began imposing a stricter enforcement of their policy banning students from swiping more than once into O’Donovan Hall at the start of the semester. Joelle Wiese, the associate vice president of auxiliary business services, said that Leo’s staff have noticed students swiping[Read More…]

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University Considers 3-Year Meal Plan Requirement

The university is considering mandating a third-year meal plan, according to a press release issued today by the Georgetown University Student Association. GUSA President Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) and Vice President Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15) expressed their opposition to the plan, which adds an additional year of required meal plans.[Read More…]

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Leo’s advertises changes to its meal plans and Flex dollars for the fall 2014 semester on the first floor of the dining hall.

Meal Plan Options Limited

O’Donovan’s Hall limited its lowest and least expensive meal plan options this year, among other dining changes including adding two new meal plans, barring freshmen from purchasing the 10-meal-a-week plan and altering how Flex dollars can be used on campus. The two new meal plans include a default 18-meal-per-week plan[Read More…]

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Free Us From MonopoLeo’s

“Ugh. Leo’s again.” What to eat, what to eat? Questionable chicken? Flavorless desserts? Scrambled egg-like liquid for the 90th morning in a row? We’ve all been there. We’ve all complained. We’ve all gone out to eat just to avoid the bland pasta. The fact of the matter is, having a[Read More…]

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