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The Growing Scourge of Public Sexual Harrassment

In April 2012, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority rolled out an anti-sexual harassment campaign, creating an online form to report incidents, adding posters to stations, subway cars and buses and passing out flyers. The campaign also included enhanced employee training to respond to any and all emergencies. The goal[Read More…]

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Reassessing the Problem of Public Education

Public education is becoming more and more standardized. While the benefits and drawbacks may be debatable, the fact that it indirectly disfavors students in poor, often urban school districts is not. Last year was the first time that more than half of Washington, D.C.’s charter school students scored proficient or[Read More…]

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Defining the Culture of Sexual Assault

Erin Cavalier, a rising junior at Catholic University, recently spoke to The Washington Post about being a victim of sexual assault. When it happened, she brought it to Catholic’s administration, which, after extended waiting and investigations, cleared the perpetrator. As the Postdescribes, “The board issued a verdict six days later,[Read More…]

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Broadening the National Discussion of Elliot Rodger

Broadening the National Discussion of Elliot Rodger

Although Elliot Rodger’s “revenge against humanity” has been discussed for weeks now, a recent article in Time has kept the memory fresh in my mind. The first sentence of Kate Pickert’s “A Murderous Spree” sums up her two-column briefing on the UCSB shooting: “It appeared that all involved had done[Read More…]

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Television’s Asian America

Television’s Asian America

“Fresh Off the Boat,” or “Fob,” is a common term for Asian-Americans. I’ll use it to describe international students, or anyone or thing that is more connected to its origins’ culture than America’s. Personally, as a second-generation Korean-American, being a Fob doesn’t have a negative or positive connotation — despite[Read More…]

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