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Down With the Hoverarchy


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Recently, students and faculty were informed of the administration’s decision to ban hoverboards on campus amidst fears that the devices’ lithium-ion batteries can be faulty and cause fires. Students expressed a variety of emotions and opinions on this subject, via Georgetown Confessions on Facebook. Take a look:

confessions 1

confessions 2

confessions 3

But fear not, Hoyas! Though you may not be able to “hover” around campus, there are other ways to get around. We at 4E have come up with a list of some alternatives to hoverboard travel that are equally as cool and will make everyone jealous. And until they are banned, they are ~absolutely~ fair game…

  1. Moon Shoes. The 90s did everything right, including footwear. You can bounce from one class to the next in your hip, neon and black bounce-tastic shoes.

moon shoes

2. Heelys. Have you really ever lived if you haven’t worn a pair of heelys? Perhaps not, but you’re probably safe from the skinned knees and angry store owners trying to kick you out of their stores to avoid the liability of you falling!


3. Hamster Ball. Not so practical for navigating through tight spaces, but then again, you can bulldoze anybody in your way.

hamster ball

4. Pogo Ball. A classic, revamped. This contraption allows you to bounce around at your own pleasure, deftly hopping over anything in your path. Usually intended for ages 6-10, but whose counting?

pogo ball

5. Orbit Wheels. Looks like either the best thing to ever come out of the Skymall magazine, or an inadvertent split waiting to happen.

oribit wheels

Please note: while all of these things are cool already, they become 1000x cooler when they are banned on campus.

Happy Traveling!




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