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MARCH MADNESS: Georgetown Traditions Round 2


See full bracket and results heregeorgetown day running to the white house

Emerging victorious from last weeks matchups, two of Georgetown’s most hallowed traditions will face off for a chance to progress to the Final Four. Who will win the glory and honor that accompanies the title “Georgetown’s Favorite Tradition”? Who will fade from Hoyas collective memory as a second-tier ritual? It is up to you, voters, to decide the result of this contest, so for your consideration we present the Round Two Pregame Report:

Imagine yourself in 30 years. As you gather your children and tell them stories of your glory days, are you really going to tell Junior about the time you were so drunk at 11 am you fell asleep on Wisey’s curb?


 Hmm…much better to inspire your offspring with tales of a patriotic run to the White House, of being present for history in the making, or of having your screaming face on CNN for 2 seconds.


Although the White House Run requires actual physical fitness…

Usain Bolt

…the quick 3 mile jog pales in comparison to the marathon of day drinking that is Georgetown Day.

daydrinking Running to the White House has obvious Instagram-able benefits: you get to look patriotic and show off to high school friends who decided to go to school in Iowa instead of DC at the same time.


But Georgetown Day comes in strong for profile pic potential with a dress code of sleeveless shirts (suns out guns out), neon colors (make the most of your late-spring tan) and cheap sunglasses that scream “I like to drink alcohol whilst having fun with friends and also I might be in a frat.”


Both traditions require dedication, perseverance, and herculean feats of endurance, all of which are well repaid in priceless memories and golden photos to document them (or supplement the blurry parts. we’re not judging.) Its hard to imagine a Georgetown Day upset, but then again, I hadn’t even heard of the wart on the face of higher education that is FGCU two weeks ago.

Let the Voting Begin!

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