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What to Expect From the Artists at Kickback



Today, The Corp announced the full lineup for Kickback, “a music and arts festival” on Labor Day.

With a mix of professional and student acts, Kickback promises a day of good music next week. But before the event is here, we’ve got a rundown of each of the bands, including our favorite song they perform.

The Knocks

The Knocks, an electropop duo, is one of Kickback’s professional headline acts.

Our favorite song of theirs is “Classic,” not to be confused with MKTO’s “Classic” because this “Classic” is more classic. This song is so fun. It’s perfect for the singalong-type jumping, happy dancing that was made to do with friends you haven’t seen in a while.

The Knocks seem kickback-ready because they have the scruff game on lock.

We also have an expert opinion on record claiming that The Knocks are incredibly talented.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 4.24.31 PM


One of the professional act headliners, Misterwives serves up delightful indie pop like this song, “Reflections”.

Are your ears happy yet?

Other than that one song I am completely lost on the rest of Misterwives’s stuff but I like what I hear so far and am looking forward to hear the rest of their catalogue on Monday.


Coin is an indie pop band that will open for the two professional acts. Our favorite song, “Oh No,” combines playful lyrics with an upbeat melody.

This song discusses the difficulty of a challenging relationship and the problems one can run into when it’s clear that one person should have broken up with the other but couldn’t because he or she “liked the view”. The view is nice ladies and gents.

The Unforgiven

At first we were upset that was their only video on YouTube but it’s actually awesome; they legitimately play in Georgetown townhouses for student parties. I’m just really disappointed that I was never invited to one.

They even sing “Wagon Wheel!” It might be a bit unseemly to call these guys hot because of their age. (Sorry members of The Unforgiven, but if it’s any conciliation we seriously love you.) Was that creepy too? Anyway they seem really chill and we feel like we already know them after watching this short documentary.

Tigers Are Bad For Horses

Tigers Are Bad For Horses, one of the two acts featuring Georgetown students, is a duo featuring Mary Ellen Funke (SFS ’15) and Lyell Roeder (COL ’13). The group just got together this year so their only video as of now is a cover:

Look for new music and original songs from them at the festival next week.

Peter Fanone

Peter Fanone (COL ’15) serves up some folky indie rock. This is our favorite song of his, especially because the music video was created by and stars Georgetown students.

Happy kicking back Hoyas! Check out the Kickback site to buy your tickets and I’ll see you there.

Full disclosure: The Hoya is a sponsor of Kickback.

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