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4E Drinking Games: VP Debate Edition

The vice presidency is one of the strangest offices in politics. The vast majority of the 47 men (yes, they’ve all been men) who have held the office have done, well, nothing. It’s a mostly ceremonial position, discussed extensively during election season and largely forgotten afterward.

Unless, of course, a president dies.

This grave hypothetical makes the VP candidate a vital component of any presidential ticket. This year, Democratic incumbent Joe Biden faces off with Republican challenger Paul Ryan. It’s seasoned foreign policy wonk against up-and-coming budget hawk; lovable loudmouth against pretty-boy pragmatist; your crazy great-uncle against your high school quarterback. While neither candidate provides the getcha-popcorn-ready unpredictability of 2008 Republican candidate Sarah Palin, tonight’s TV special should bring plenty of high-quality entertainment.

But to our readers of legal drinking age who need a little extra kick in your debate-viewing experience — have no fear! Our official unofficial vice-presidential debate drinking game is after the jump.


  • Ryan misrepresents an aspect of the Romney-Ryan tax plan.

  • Your libbo-commie roommate loses it and yells some variant of “He’s LYING!” at Ryan’s television image.

  • Biden brings up Osama bin Laden’s death.

  • Biden brings up General Motors’ resurrection.

  • Either candidate shakes his head while smiling condescendingly.

  • “Medicare,” “47 precent,” “We built this” or “Big Bird” are mentioned


  • Biden mentions Scranton, Pa. for no apparent reason

  • Ryan employs awkward poetic wording (“A ship sailing on yesterday’s winds,” etc.)

  • Moderator Martha Raddatz starts yelling in a last-ditch effort to regain control of the debate.

  • A pre- or post-debate analyst refers to either candidate as an “attack dog”


  • Ryan misrepresents an aspect of his marathon time.

  • You get lost in Ryan’s dreamy eyes despite unclear marathon time.

  • Biden puts his foot directly in his mouth 
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