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Arrested Development is Back (Back Again)



Remember almost two years ago when the world lost its cool freaking out about Arrested Development coming out with a fourth season? Of course you do, I still have panic attacks from the excitement.


Well hold on to your juice boxes because season 5 of everyone’s favorite family, the Bluth’s, is coming back to you! While the exact release date of this new season has not be set, it is never too early to get so incredibly excited!!

Don’t believe me? Check out this interview with TV producer Brian Grazer on the BS Report. The 24:28 minute mark to be exact.

The “solid as a rock” show will be returning with 17 episodes filled with chicken dances, Blue Men Groupies and dangerous cousins.


In celebration of this joyous occasion 4E has compiled our favorite gifs by character from this iconic show. Because what better way to celebrate than rewatching every single episode ever made.

1. Michael


2. George Michael


3. Tobias


4. Lindsaytumblr_mnua4437PM1r3yexao1_500

5. Maeby


6. Lucille


7. George Sr.


8. Buster


9. GOBMichael-and-GOB-gif-arrested-development-23828065-500-224

10. Annyong

But his real name is hello
But his real name is hello

11. Ann


Thanks A.V. Club for keeping us informed about the greatest thing since sliced bread.


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