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Casual Thursdays: SuperBuzzed XLVII

Casual Thursdays: SuperBuzzed XLVII

casual thursday 1.31

As we wipe the last tears from our eyes and look towards a weekend without Thirds, a new chance to be day-drunk mid-semester graces our Sunday: Super Bowl XLVII. Hope springs eternal. What time is it at? Not sure. Where does it take place? Couldn’t tell you. Who’s playing? Thank heavens for Google. But fear not! Whether you take a special pride in gloating about fantasy victories or meticulously plan your bathroom breaks to miss the game, not the commercials, we can all unite in the simple pleasure of drinking cheap beer and pretending not to double dip in the community salsa. Cheers.

Now if the thought of sipping on lukewarm Natty all evening makes you cringe (you snob) or if you just need something a little stronger to get you through that three-hour pregame show, why not complement those chips and (expired?) guac with a Beer Margarita? (Note: this sounds like something desperate college students would make, but take a good hard look in the mirror buddy. Necessity is the mother of invention.)

And If watching large, scary (let’s talk about Ray Lewis’s helmet) men repeatedly running into each other doesn’t quite hold your attention, we have a game that will.

Beer Margarita:

  • 1 can of frozen limeade concentrate
  • 12 fl oz. tequila (José counts. barely.)
  • 12 fl oz. water
  • 12 fl oz. beer
  • lots of ice
  • lime wedges (you fancy huh?)

1. Stir everything up and add ice. Maybe even blend if you’re feeling especially spicy. Makes six servings.

Super Bowl Drinking Game:

Designed for the common man (or woman) who needs a proper buzz to make it through any athletic event (and is a little foggy on what exactly an “onside kick” is). Note: read closely before playing … it’s a dangerous game.

Take a sip when…

-they show the players girlfriends/wives cheering them on. They have no idea what’s going on either.

-an animal is the star of a commercial.

-someone in your party starts yelling at the ref. That’s on TV. Hundreds of miles away.

-a fat player looks winded.

-someone loses their chip in the dip.

-there is an unsuccessful field goal attempt.


 Take a shot when…

-all the athletically-informed members of your party jump up off the couch. (This will make you look like you are appreciating whatever important just happened!)

-a touchdown occurs. Don’t worry, they usually yell it out.

-the announcer’s sound like they are going to pee their pants from excitement.

-old men are shown giving each other awkward high fives.

-the drunkest of your party tries to sing along with Beyoncé.


 Finish your drink when…

-the commercial for the beer you are drinking comes on.

-a player has a really ugly significant other.

-someone in your party spills their drink. You should also probably make rude hand gestures at the offender.

-You actually recognize the name of a player.

**Alternate Version: Take a shot every time you are confused about a call. This is also known as the Half-Time Blackout style of play.**



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  • AnonymousFeb 12, 2013 at 10:06 pm

    I enjoyed your perspective!