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Editors’ Picks For December

Disregarding the fact that it has been warmer these past three days than it was throughout the entire month of November, it is, indeed, December. As we approach the end of the world, we want to take the time to celebrate the little things that make this month so great. So even though we only have 18 days left in this month, here are some things you can enjoy in that time, hand picked by the editors of The Fourth Edition.

Corp Drink of the Month?

Lindsay – Red eye with a double shot and peppermint syrup. Given the fact that I’m going to be up at all hours of the night trying to study for my Problem of God midterm, I’m going to need a strong jolt of caffeine. Plus the peppermint reminds me that the holidays are approaching; it’s that red and green Christmas light at the end of my very dark and scary first Finals tunnel

KP – Medium mocha with a hazelnut flavor shot. There’s just something about the idea of chocolate and hazelnut that reminds me of happiness and Christmas cheer. Maybe it’s a latent craving for Nutella. Maybe it’s the endorphins that the chocolate gives me. Maybe it’s just a gift from Santa’s elves (read as: Corpies). Either way, it defines my holiday season and it should define yours too.

Kate – Seltzer from Vittles. It’s a dollar and nine cents for a liter. Bang for your buck.


Clothing Trend of the Month?

Lindsay –  Aggressively comfortable winter/holiday sweaters. I want a sweater that says, in the words of our Executive Editor, Braden, “don’t you just want to go alpine skiing with me?”

KP – Holiday themed socks. Red socks, green socks, reindeer socks, Santa socks! When I was a child, I personally had the greatest amount of satisfaction when wearing my Grinch socks to my Grandma’s house on Christmas Eve. Get those feet festive, kids.

Kate – Flannel pants and a sweatshirt from the airport gift shop in Texas. I interpreted trend as “outfit I have been repeating so far into December”. Maybe it’ll catch on because I just look so good.


Word/Saying of the Month?

Lindsay – “Twas”. I have slipped into saying things like “I had a french toast bagel for breakfast, ‘twas glorious”. Or “I went to the Corp Gala this past Saturday…’twas a mess and a half”.

KP – “Jolly”. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, indeed. Holiday parties, hot chocolate, Christmas lights, menorahs– I’m so jolly that I practically forgot about my finals!! (Not.)

Kate – “December to Remember” but not in the context of Lexus Christmas car commercials.


Favorite Thing About December?

Lindsay –  Snow. All of the snow. Except I only like it whilst it’s falling and only if it sticks to the ground, I don’t like the weird slush bullshittery when it is too wet to stick. I like the blinding whiteness when I try to take my dog out and consequently lose her in the snow as she romps around.

KP – Family. Whether it’s one of your crazy uncles or the weird girl that lives down the hall, December is a time to embrace the ones you love. Share some cookies, decorate the tree, and celebrate the amazing people in your life.

Kate – My birth.

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