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Concert Review: LANY at Fillmore Silver Spring


“This experience can only be heightened by enthusiastic response and involvement.”

As the lights dimmed, these words filled the and the crowd began to scream.

Suddenly, Paul Klein, the lead vocalist of LANY, appeared on stage and began to sing “Dumb Stuff”, the first song of the 21-song set planned for the evening. Les Priest, on the keyboards and the guitar, and Jake Goss, playing the drums, accompanied Klein.

LANY, an alternative rock band formed in 2014, has been touring since June to promote its eponymous, debut studio album, “LANY,” released the same month, which features 16 new songs. By the end of its world tour, the Los Angeles trio will have played 135 shows in 28 countries.

A live music venue located in Silver Spring, Md., the Fillmore is known for providing an intimate concert experience. The crowd at the Fillmore consisted of teenagers and young adults in their early to mid-20s, who all seemed to enjoy the venue’s laidback atmosphere at LANY’s performance on Oct. 9.

The stage featured a large LED screen, displaying numerous images that were synchronized with the song playing at the moment. Featuring various colored lights, the screen set the mood for the performance and allowed LANY to take over the stage and truly pour all of its emotions into the show.

Holding roses out to Klein, the most fervent fans screamed and shouted in an attempt to get his attention. Responding to the crowd’s requests, Klein sang the hit track “Flowers On The Floor.”

Suddenly, the stage was covered in roses, while the crowd swaying and dancing to the music. Klein was completely entangled in the music; his performance was lively, animated and energetic. As “4EVER!” played, he whipped his hair back and forth, jumping from side to side.

After the first five songs in the band’s set, Klein threw himself into the crowd, inciting screams from the audience. Klein’s enthusiasm continued throughout the show.

On “It Was Love,” he and Goss passionately hit the drums and played the piano, adding an exciting level of drama to the performance. The synthesizer added a distinctive retro sound to complement the piano on this track. For nearly 30 seconds, Klein did not sing but simply let the sounds of the guitar, drums and piano take hold of the audience. The orange and yellow flashing lights from the stage helped captivate the dancing crowd as well.

Following its performance of more intense musical numbers, LANY began to play more mellow and intimate songs. Enveloped in blue fog, Klein began to play the guitar for the slow, smooth track, “13.” With the guitar in his hands, he slowly swayed back and forth; his expression reflected his strong emotions from the track.

During “Tampa,” Klein simultaneously played the piano and sang. Reaching out to the audience, he invited them to participate in his performance, making the experience more interactive while creating a strong bond between him and his fans. In between songs, Klein shouted out to the audience, thanking his fans for attending the concert and even calling Washington, D.C., “one of the most beautiful, important cities in the world.”

To pump the crowd back up, LANY performed one of its top hits, “WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS.” The entire audience had its hands up and was singing along. The band finally closed out the evening by playing its latest single, “Super Far,” and “ILYSB,” the song that propelled the band into the spotlight in the first place.

As a whole, the concert was an enjoyable and gratifying experience. LANY interacted extremely well with the crowd and knew how to respond to the crowd’s feelings. Klein’s standout  performance was emotional and genuine; his actions mirrored the music.

Though LANY has not yet reached the mainstream beyond tracks like “ILYSB,” if its live performance is any indication, the band will surely draw even larger crowds as it continues to produce its powerful music.

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  • K

    KellyOct 24, 2017 at 8:16 pm

    This review really helped me hone my taste in music! Wonderful writing!

  • T

    Tim McNultyOct 24, 2017 at 8:16 pm

    Finally! I love this band so much; It’s refreshing to see the Hoya recognizing amazing new faces in music. I’m so happy to read such an amazing review.