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From Dis-O to Senior Ball: Coordinating a Year to Remember

From Interhall Council to IRC, Chris Butterfield’s (MSB ’12) college experience includes involvement in a great number of activites and organizations, culminating in his position as chair of the Senior Class Committee. With a glimmer of enthusiasm that resonates in his voice, Chris rattles off the exciting activities he plans as part of the SCC, never allowing the authority he commands as chair to interfere with his modest and amiable demeanor. Humbled by all that has led him to where he is now, Chris speaks with joy at having the opportunity to create a memorable final year for his peers.

How did you get involved with the SCC?

I first learned about the Senior Class Committee when I was an RA as a sophomore. I was introduced to some people who were on the committee and who really enjoyed it, so I asked them a few questions and saw what they did and that was what initially lit the spark in me and got me excited in the type of programming that Senior Class Committee does.

What are your responsibilities as chair?

I mainly advise and direct a board of eight and a committee of 35 seniors who all work together throughout the year to put on social programs, transitional-type lectures, networking events and all types of different activities around campus. Every activity has a different nature, whether [it] be professional, alumni-faculty related or just a plethora of others, but [it] all starts with disorientation in the fall and ends with senior week and commencement in the spring.

What past experience has prepared you for the work that you do?

Being an RA on campus has taught me so many lessons about managing people and supporting your peers when they need it and dealing with crisis situations when they come up. Learning about how the university works and where to find support within it helped me to understand how to make the best use of the resources available to me. I know that without a lot of the training that I went through with Residence Life I wouldn’t know half of what I know now. I really got an amazing base of knowledge that lets me be a resource to all of my board members. All of that knowledge that enables me to be what I believe a successful chair, I learned from Residence Life and from being an RA.

What has been a highlight of serving as chair on the SCC?

One of the most rewarding things has just been the time I have gotten to spend with my peers in discussion about Senior Class Committee activities. These are the people we’ve spent the last four years with; these are our classmates, our friends. In my mind, nothing can be better than the accolades that I hear from my classmates about how much of a difference [the Senior Class Committee] has made for them and their experience in their final year here. I feel like the work our committee does and the time that we put in really makes a tangible difference in the senior experience that our peers are in the midst of right now. It really allows you to see all of your efforts come to fruition.

What advice do you have for the underclassmen?

Well, I read an article written by Father Healy entitled “What We Can’t Tell Freshman.” It’s centered on the fact that seniors just can’t say a lot of what they want to freshmen because [first-years] are either not ready to hear it or they’re not prepared. So what I think a big part of being here is all about is getting to know yourself better, while really grasping every opportunity that comes your way and making of it what you will. The knowledge — both mental and physical knowledge — and understanding how you grow spiritually are all things that you will be able to take away as a senior. And you must always remember that you can’t sit around for four years waiting for your college experience to happen. You have to go out and live it.


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