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Fixat10ns: Springtime Baby Makin’


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Love is in the air! Springtime is here and animals are getting busy. You know if Mother Nature wants to get freakydeeky, it’s time for everybody to get into it. Although we already have a baby-making playlist, this one takes it in a new direction. It isn’t only about the old-school Motown feel; this is about nature’s calling.

You Deserve It – Future I know Hoyas are gonna feel guilty about taking so much time off of work to get down and dirty. But look — you’ve been grinding through this semester, and you only have a little bit of time left before finals. Future’s letting you know that you should go get it.

Natural – Pro Era It isn’t weird to make this kind of thing seasonal. Pro Era claims that their flow is “so natural” with a catchy hook. In the same way, baby-making in spring is “so natural, natural my ****** completely natural”.

She Said Ok – Theophilus London ft. Big Boi This song drops wisdom on two important fronts. First, sometimes you have to be direct with your requests: “Lemme see yo’ titt*es” isn’t smooth or witty, but London makes it work. Second, “She said OK”: consent is important! It’s especially fitting that London mentions this in National Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

The Dress Looks Nice on You – Sufjan Stevens If that’s inappropriate, I guess you can be old school and just be sweet. Acoustic always helps too.

Amorous – Jesse Boykins III Jesse Boykins III makes music that most closely identifies with the genre World Soul (it somehow makes sense with the theme of animalistic baby-making). Here’s a love song that you haven’t heard before.

Feel All My Love Inside – Marvin Gaye I KNOW I SAID IT WASN’T ABOUT MOTOWN, but if you’re making a baby-making playlist, how you not gonna have at least one song by one of the greats? It’s a great song that’s perfect for baby-making.

Lady – D’Angelo While I’m breaking promises of a baby-making playlist in a completely new direction, let me throw some D’Angelo in here just cause you know he makes you wanna sweat.

Ain’t Too Proud to Beg – Temptations If you got no game, got no swag, there’s really only one thing to do. Pride isn’t gonna continue your family line.

Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder Stevie Wonder wrote this song for his little girl. The joy of new life! This song expresses why nature’s getting down with it right now.

Always Love – Nada Surf Spring may be primetime for baby-making, but you can go at it any season, any time and any place. I think the cliche “Love is in the air” describes springtime the best, but it’d be best to remember that there are no limits when lovin’.

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