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Recovering from Finals Stress at a Matinee

As the semester draws to a close and all our procrastination comes back to haunt us, our longings are directed at the time a short three weeks from now when we will actually be able to consume more eggnog than we do coffee. While sleep will obviously be given priority once the idea of free time is reintroduced into our lives, a short trip to the movie theater can provide a nice change of pace from the depths of Lau — one that, if we are honest, might end up taking place during study days as well.

In the spirit of preparing for this unfamiliar idleness, I have compiled a short list of options to help with your recuperation from our two weeks of finals mayhem, whether you run down K Street or wait until you go home to catch these new releases.


Peter Jackson returns to Middle Earth with the first installment of his three-part adaptation of the prequel to his critically acclaimed Lord of the Rings trilogy. This installment tells the story of how the infamous “One Ring” came to be in the possession of such a harmless creature as the hobbit Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman). A brand new cast of endearing characters take center stage while many familiar faces promise to make appearances. Look forward to a riddle contest between Bilbo and Gollum (played once again by Andy Serkis) and a group of boisterous dwarfs. So far, the majority of fans have been cautiously optimistic that this film could match the success of its predecessors but have also been apprehensive about the possible damage a sequel or prequel could cause to their beloved franchise. The movie premiers in theaters on Dec. 14, so you can decide for yourself whether or not to save it for your vacation days.


Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis have teamed up to present a wonderful and striking depiction of the beloved President Lincoln and bring to life the dramatic events leading up to the abolition of slavery. Day-Lewis brings yet another brilliant performance, making him — in my opinion — an early favorite for a best actor nod at this year’s Oscars. Spielberg artfully exposes the tough decisions Lincoln faced over the issue of slavery in a way that makes you anxious throughout the movie, even though the final result is already known to the viewer. This film has been out for a while now, but if you still have the opportunity, definitely take advantage of this great historical film.


If you are a Quentin Tarantino fan, you probably already know about his latest movie’s imminent release, but if you’re not, you should know that it comes out Christmas Day. Django Unchained is the story of a former slave, played by Jamie Foxx, who is recruited by a bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz) to take down a band of slave-hunting criminals onlyDjango has ever laid eyes on. As payment, the bounty hunter promises to aid Django in his quest to find his beloved wife, who has been taken by a cruel plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio). The film promises to provide Tarantino’s trademark blend of extremely graphic violence and inappropriate dry humor. Although this is not a movie you should be looking to see with your parents during Christmas, it is definitely one you should try to see, especially if you are open to unique cinematic experiences. I’m excited to see Christoph Waltz take on the role of another Tarantino villain after his award-winning turn in Inglorious Basterds.

Eduardo Gueiros is a junior in the College. This is the final appearance of BEHIND THE SCREENS this semester.

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