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THE HUNGRY HOYA | Lutèce Delights With Fresh French Dishes


Welcome to The Hungry Hoya! 

To introduce myself, I’m obsessed with food culture. I scour The New York Times daily for new food articles and spend hours searching for restaurants before booking a dinner reservation. But you might be wondering — in what world am I trustworthy?

I dedicated my time in high school to my food-themed Instagram account, which has since been retired. However, I know my way around a kitchen and can recommend a delicious meal in every major city. I have self-diagnosed reservation anxiety: symptoms include a palpitating heart and a churning stomach during the mad rush that is trying to find a table on a Friday night. 

What I eat and where I eat is not something I take lightly. But you only get to be this way if you are actively the planner of the group, a role I took on as a child and have held onto since. I am a Resy queen and can skillfully navigate a menu, your very own “I have a place” friend. 

Now that we know each other a bit better, let our exploration of Washington, D.C. delicacies commence with the excellent Lutèce!

I was sitting in my “International Relations” class when The New York Times released its annual 50 favorite restaurants in the United States. I ravenously scrolled through the list, staring longingly at the array of acclaimed restaurants that would require a plane ride to visit. 

But then I landed on Lutèce, the charming blue bistro I pass on my way to Trader Joe’s every Sunday in Georgetown. I immediately switched tabs and browsed their website, and with only a ten-minute walk separating me from Lutèce, I knew I had to find myself a table. 

Lutèce, a neo-bistro on Wisconsin Avenue, is known for its French-inspired seasonal menu and celebrated chef Matt Conroy. Formerly based in New York, Conroy is trained in both Mexican and French cuisine. He arrived at Lutèce in 2020, bringing with him a fresh, approachable take on French flavors. 

The restaurant has been open since 2020 and showcases the best local produce through a selection of simple dishes with elevated profiles — think gnocchi with mimolette and shishitos. The experience is certainly expensive but worth it. It’s not every day you get to eat the creations of a Michelin-starred chef! 

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or dining with the parents, Lutèce is my number one pick for Georgetown dining. Open for dinner Thursday through Monday and brunch on weekends, space is limited and reservations are strongly recommended. My first time, the other Times devotees beat me to dinner openings at Lutèce, but a brunch reservation was still available. 

“Cancel your plans. We’re brunching,” I texted my roommate.

In my haste to book, I had mistakenly selected outdoor seating. My roommate and I realized this upon arriving at Lutèce, when we were led to an outdoor table that was slightly flooded with rainwater and covered only by a meager umbrella. I panicked until the menu arrived: nothing like freshly baked brioche to warm up an otherwise chilly day. We ordered everything, including avocado tartine with aleppo and sesame seeds; Comté strata in a spicy tomato sauce; and mezcal smoked salmon served alongside creme fraiche. 

The flavors of all three were intricate and scrumptious. Our lattes were the only menu item we could describe as average, and even that appraisal feels scrutinizing. The service was excellent — they treated us with distinct care, answering our questions and ensuring we were bundled up in special Lutèce blankets. We left the meal satiated, content and eager to return — and only a little bit damp from the rain. 

A future reservation has already been made, and my roommate and I are already deliberating which new menu items we will order. 

Run, don’t walk, to make your reservations now. See you there?

Audrey Biles is a first-year in the College. The Hungry Hoya appears in print and online every other week during the fall semester.

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  • G

    Geneva SweetOct 8, 2022 at 4:20 pm

    What a delectable discovery!
    We are eager to try on our next visit to Georgetown.
    Thank you for the tips, about reservations, seating request, and what to order.