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The Most Valuable Players of Comedy

My passion is television, and no matter the genre, I can find something worth watching.  But even if you aren’t as avid a watcher as I am, there is one genre that is appealing to TV-watchers of all experience levels: comedy.

What follows is a list of the funniest comedy characters currently on TV. I want to be clear, however, that these choices were made in a highly subjective manner. Not to mention that my options were limited to the shows I watch (although with my list including 31 titles, I’d say that’s a pretty substantial selection). I would honestly be disappointed if there weren’t people scrutinizing and criticizing my choices.

1. Ron Swanson  | ‘Parks and Recreation’
Arguably the manliest man on television, Ron Swanson  (Nick Offerman) consistently provides hilarity with his lack of interest in others’ lives, his love of the traditional crafts and his hatred of government and non-animal-based foods. The man with the perfect mustache also has a softer side, occasionally showing his affection for some co-workers (though not many), making him all the more likeable. Oh, and The Swanson Pyramid of Greatness is wonderful too, but that speaks for itself.

2. Liz Lemon | ‘30 Rock’
Tina Fey plays a character extremely similar to herself in the unladylike and disorganized yet caring and cautiously optimistic Liz Lemon. Perhaps this similarity is what allows her performance to be so organic and convincing. In addition to being the center of self-mockery, Lemon brings the plot together, connecting characters and allowing them to develop their stories through interactions with her, however ridiculous these interactions may be.

3. Adam Demamp | ‘Workaholics’
The loudest of the three Workaholics takes inexplicable overconfidence to a whole new level. Adam  (Adam DeVine) has no outstanding skills or intelligence (or self respect, for that matter), but he acts as though he rules the world along with his roommates, even though he is consistently shut down by girls and ridiculed by guys.

4. Abed Nadir | ‘Community’
The alpha TV lover makes you love TV more through his repeated references and perfectly timed quotes. Abed (Danny Pudi) is one of the more intriguing characters on TV, demonstrating pitiful social skills and a noticeable lack of emotion. These “flaws,” however, make him more genuine, and you can’t help but find yourself wanting to be his friend and experience his odd quirks along with his occasional deep philosophical thought.

5. Schmidt | ‘New Girl’
This is a character you hate to love. The fact that Schmidt (Max Greenfield) is a frequent contributor to the “douchebag jar” pales in comparison, however, to how funny his catch phrases and one-liners are. The hilarious way in which he — surprisingly successfully — hits on girls reinforces his position as the absolutely stereotypical “douchebag,” but the softer side he shows with his friends reveals a truly lovable character.

6. Andre | ‘The League’
This is the guy every group of friends has, the one who is repeatedly ridiculed and whose best efforts at fitting in just result in more mockery. Andre’s (Paul Scheer) unbelievably bad sense of style, paired with the banter he instigates through mere existence, make this character deserving of a spot on this list.

So that’s what watching 31 shows can do for you.  There will always be a handful of actors (Donald Glover, Rainn Wilson and Aziz Ansari, for example) that are just a few special episodes or a good season away from cracking my list. This fall promises plenty of good comedy, and these leading funnies are sure to make you laugh.

Eduardo Gueiros is a junior in the College. BEHIND THE SCREENS appears every other Friday in the guide.

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