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Mondays with Melanie: On Study Abroad, Soccer Wins and Horror Movie Debates


Join us every Monday for a wrap-up of the week’s hottest stories! For this week’s “Mondays With Melanie” podcast, we begin with Sofia Nathoo (CAS ’24) and her article advising students considering study abroad with sage suggestions. Next, Conor Geelan (CAS ’25) talks us through the Georgetown soccer team’s major win against the University of Connecticut. Finally, James Pocchia (CAS ’25) and William McCall (CAS ’25) talk about their article debating which movie deserves the title of the best horror film ever made.


Melanie Elliott (ME): Hello Hoyas! And welcome back to “Mondays with Melanie.” Through this series, I will be bringing on the authors of each week’s top stories to discuss their articles and provide a brief synopsis of their topics. This week, that of Oct. 9 to Oct. 15, has been a stressful one with midterms piling up. Still, from sage study abroad advice to a huge Georgetown soccer win to horror movie debates, these articles will definitely help you take a quick breather!

ME: Firstly, we begin with Features Editor Sofia Nathoo as she discusses her fascinating article which provides worthy insights about study abroad.

Sofia Nathoo (SN): Hi, I’m Sofia Nathoo, a deputy features editor this semester. This week I wrote an article about study abroad. 57% of the student body at Georgetown studies abroad at some point during their undergraduate years here. With sophomores planning out their study abroad plans right now, I thought it was an opportune moment to talk about the application process, the benefits, hear from students on their experiences and examine any points of contention with the process. I interviewed students from the College, the MSB and the SFS on their experiences abroad, why they chose not to go abroad, language requirements and how that factor into going abroad, as well as discuss the application process with sophomores who are thinking about the study abroad process now and studying abroad for junior year. The article is now live on the website and will hit the stands later, so give it a read to learn about all things study abroad when you have a chance.

ME: Thanks for that Sofia! As someone who loved studying abroad, I would definitely recommend checking out that piece for some helpful information about the process.

ME: Next, we are joined by Hoya Sports Writer Conor Geelan as he discusses his article about Georgetown soccer’s recent victory.

Conor Geelan (CG): My name is Conor Geelan, and I chronicle Georgetown men’s soccer 3-nil defeat over UConn this past Saturday. The first half was a physical affair, which ended scoreless, although Georgetown head coach Brian Wiese considered the Hoyas lucky that the Huskies didn’t enter the half up a goal or two. In the second half, junior defender Max Jennings broke the deadlock with a header off the corner kick the Hoyas drew up at halftime. A significant moment came when Jennings, who was already nursing a nose injury, was brought down during the rough play, which was reviewed for violent conduct.

CG: Immediately after, senior forward Marlon Tabora scored in the 62nd minute to make it 2-0. And then later in the 72nd minute, he brought the lead to 3-0 where it would stay until the match’s end. As Coach Wiese pointed out, the team’s defensive strides have been impressive, and this game stood as a testament to the back force’s cohesion and discipline. With this crucial win, Georgetown looks forward to controlling its own destiny come the playoffs. And up next the Hoyas will face off against Providence College on Oct. 14.

ME: Thanks for that Conor! And as always, go Hoyas!

ME: Finally, we are joined by Guide Editors James Pocchia and William McCall for a debate on which film is deserving of the title of the best horror movie of all time.

William McCall (WM): This is William McCall, the Guide Senior co-editor.

James Pocchia (JP): And this is James Pocchia, the other Guide co-editor.

WM: This week we published an article debating the greatest horror movie of all time. The options were “The Thing” by John Carpenter from 1982, or “Silence of the Lambs,” which was released, James, in ’99, right?

JP: ’91. 

WM: ’91. My mistake. James, if you’d care to summarize your arguments.

JP: Yes. So I talked about how the “Silence of the Lambs” exhibits this incredible acting, especially from Anthony Hopkins and I talked about how it has great camera work, especially the night vision sequence at the end of the film, and a really foreboding ending. And those are my major points. How about you, Will?

WM: Yeah, well I seconded the ending point. I think “The Thing” has a fantastic ending. Great special effects — really, really wonderful stuff. It also has Kurt Russell, in a cowboy hat, flying helicopters, and I think that’s pretty awesome. But anyway, take a look if you have the chance. That’s us signing off.

ME: Thanks guys! And happy scary movie-watching to any horror fiends out there!

ME: That concludes another hectic week here at the Hilltop. Thanks so much for tuning in! I’m Melanie Elliott, and this has been “Mondays with Melanie.” Be sure to check back in next week for another round of top stories. And until then, have a great week!

ME: This podcast was edited by me and produced by Amna Shamim and Emily Han.

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