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Construction Begins For Dining Overhaul, New Chick-fil-A

FILE PHOTO: LAUREN SEIBEL/THE HOYA Renovations to the top floor of O’Donovan Hall began last week and are slated to continue through the summer.
Renovations to the top floor of O’Donovan Hall began last week and are slated to continue through the summer.

To prepare for summer renovations that include the opening of an on-campus Chick-fil-A, several main campus dining locations are slated to close for the summer beginning in April and May.

As part of the Hoya Hospitality dining initiative, renovations to O’Donovan Hall began Thursday with the placement of temporary walls blocking the normal entrance to the top floor, though both floors of the hall remain open. More renovations are set to occur across campus, including in the Leavey Center and Hoya Court.

The dining initiative plans to close the Leavey Center Così on April 20, to be replaced by a new “sandwich concept” called Royal Jacket, according to a campuswide email by Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Business Services Joelle Wiese.

The changes are part of plans approved under the university’s 10-yearlong contract with Aramark, renewed in November, which includes plans to expand and improve options for students with meal plans. The new contract followed a yearlong deliberation process by university officials and students.

Hoya Court is slated to close May 14 to begin construction for Crop Chop, a salad and smoothie dining venue, and Chick-fil-A.

Eight days later, on May 22, Students of Georgetown, Inc. coffee shop Uncommon Grounds plans to close at its current location and begin relocation to the second floor of the Barnes & Noble bookstore, which will remain open during renovations.

The new location for Uncommon Grounds will connect the bookstore and the esplanade and include a performance space and outdoor seating. When it opens, it will mark the first partnership between Barnes & Noble and a non-Starbucks company. The Corp CEO Melina Hsiao (COL ’18) previously raised concerns about traffic flow to Corp businesses during and after construction.

Leo’s will fully close for construction May 22, with a food service tent outside the entrance of McDonough Gymnasium providing food for students. The air-conditioned tent will serve visitors and students with the same options currently offered at Leo’s. Students and visitors will be permitted to use meal plan swipes, debit dollars, credit cards and cash there. The tent is scheduled to operate from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. throughout the summer.

Three food trucks will also provide service to the Georgetown community this summer outside Harbin Hall on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays starting June 6.

Among the dining operations remaining open for service throughout the summer are Bulldog Tavern, Epicurean, Starbucks, Vital Vittles, The Hilltoss, the Faculty Club Restaurant, Marketplace Express, More Uncommon Grounds and Provisions on Demand Market at the medical center.

Construction on these projects is expected to be completed before the beginning of the fall semester, according to Wiese.

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  • T

    Two PicklesApr 19, 2017 at 4:38 am

    “Baited breath”. Sounds about right, you troll; get out of here with all your baiting. (You mean “bated” as in diminished or abated.)

    Regardless of your breath situation, your premise is nonsensical. You’re sitting there in rapt anticipation that someone might have the audacity to protest a large company’s social policies? On a college campus? This would be a surprise? Or you’re so nervous with gleeful anticipation that the day after, other people will then conclusively disprove these gay sympathizers by eating chicken sandwiches in response? Because you read about this once before? Is that how it works? Whoever spends the most money on lunch has our nation’s moral authority? And America’s got its chicken eaters on speed dial, ready for dispatch at the slightest disturbance? And the proof of your moral clarity in this is the absence of a strawman type of protest you just came up with here in the comments section?

    What was wrong with your breath again?

    • M

      Mike FlynnApr 20, 2017 at 11:10 am

      I don’t know about gleeful anticipation or any of that other bilge your spewing off your two story soapbox? Personally, I don’t care what anybody does in the privacy of their own bedroom and gays should be entitled to legal marriage under the constitution. I do find it funny that the gay community tried to make a political statement by a kiss in and it backfired. No one wants to go to lunch and see either homosexual or heterosexual couples making out?

      So; sorry Pickles, if I ruffled your high moral standards the wrong way!

  • M

    Mike FlynnApr 13, 2017 at 1:58 pm

    I am waiting with baited breath for the lgbt community to protest or at least have a kiss in over a Chick fil- A on campus. The company is Christian owned and had the nerve to say they believe marriage is between a man and a woman. There was a national kiss in, to support gay marriage held at Chick fil-As across the country a few years ago? Chick fil- A stock went up the next day.

    • B

      Bob JonesApr 16, 2017 at 2:08 am

      “stock went up the next day” lol chick-fil-a is private, get out of here

      • M

        Mike FlynnApr 17, 2017 at 11:25 am

        Let me re phrase that. Their business boomed the following couple of weeks according to national news reports. Look it up yourself! Chik-fil-A has been targeted by the lgbt lobby simply for stating their belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. Has the Catholic Church had any gay weddings? Duquesne is currently under protest from some liberals for a Chik-fil-A on campus.