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UIS Overhauls Campus Wi-Fi, University Printing

University Information Services is in the final stages of overhauling Wi-Fi infrastructure for Georgetown’s 11,000 continuous Wi-Fi users while also evaluating an overhaul to printing on all three campuses in the D.C. area.

The Wi-Fi upgrades will be completed after Internet access in Healy Hall and White-Gravenor are updated this semester.

UIS upgraded or installed Wi-Fi in 24 buildings on the main campus, affecting the Wi-Fi access of approximately one-sixth of undergraduate Georgetown students.

Before the overhaul, 33 percent of all network equipment on campus was at the end of their lives, according to Chief Information Officer Lisa Davis.

“The Georgetown network was nearing capacity,” Davis said. “I made it a priority to bring ubiquitous Wi-Fi to Georgetown, as part of that goal, last year promised students we would have Wi-Fi in 100 percent of residence halls.”

Georgetown used a network built in 1987 to support all Internet and telephone traffic. Before the overhaul, there had been few improvements to Georgetown’s network in the 26 years since then.

Davis said that UIS focused its improvements on libraries and residence halls. The New South upgrade quadrupled its Internet capability from 20 to 89 access points. UIS more than doubled the Southwest Quad’s access points from 74 to 192.

“Creating a strong Wi-Fi network is part of an emphasis on building a solid, modern technology foundation on which Georgetown can continue to grow,” Davis said. “We’re trying to transform the way people think about technology at Georgetown. We’re excited about the changes we’re bringing to campus.”

UIS is also partnering with Xerox to overhaul the university’s printing system and allow for more web printing, mobile printing and greater sustainability. Davis said the project, which was started three months ago, is scheduled to be completed before the end of the semester.

Davis cited the McDonough School of Business’ printing program, which includes printing in tuition, as a potential model for other schools due to its popularity among students. UIS is also looking at ways to reduce printing and copying costs.

“We are working with the provost and housing to figure out how we begin to implement Xerox and bring capabilities to students and faculty,” she said.

Davis said that Xerox is helping determine how to phase in the printing overhaul.

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