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‘Whipahols’ Rise in Student Popularity

With companies now releasing “whipahol” – alcohol-infused whipped cream – many speculate that the new product may be filling the void left by the ban on Four Loko.

Brands of the whipped cream such as Whipped Lightning and Cream are advertising their flavored product as a topping for drinks, cocktails and desserts. The whipahol ranges from being 30-proof to 36-proof, depending on the flavor.

While the product is not new to the market, it has only recently become a popular treat for students.

Neither Whipped Lightning nor Cream are sold in D.C., but they can be bought in Maryland and Virginia, as well as through several online vendors.

Because the product is being compared to Four Loko, some people are concerned about the risk of alcohol poisoning. Whipahol is advertised as an addition to already alcoholic drinks and could lead to excess, critics say. Biology Office Manager Ellen Bateman expressed concern over the increased alcohol intake.

“It’s dangerous to your health and has a negative effect on brain cells. Georgetown students should be too smart to do this,” Bateman said.

John Devlin (COL ’13), however, feels that there is not too much cause for concern.

“It doesn’t seem to be that popular here and it would take a lot of whipahol to begin to worry about alcohol poisoning,” Devlin said.

Dr. Anita Barry, director of the Boston Public Health Commission, is concerned about the packaging of the new product, according to an interview with New England Cable News.

“If a product looks like something else, it’s easy not to be aware that it might contain a lot of alcohol,” she said.

Bateman echoed this concern, and said that she is also worried about the increased use of aerosol cans. Aerosols can be harmful if inhaled directly and have been said to have a negative effect on the ozone layer. Regardless, many students expressed curiosity and willingness to try the new product.

Those who have tried it say they like it, focusing on the surprisingly noticeable amount of alcohol.

“It was surprisingly good, I think it was peppermint and it was amazing,” Samir Sarda (COL ’13) said.

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