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2018 Senior Compass Series


For the second year in a row, The Hoya is proud to present the Senior Compass Series in coordination with the Senior Class Committee. This year, we asked seniors to write about their most regrettable decisions or deepest failures at Georgetown. From changing majors to prioritizing well-being, these reflections offer both advice and tales of caution.

ANDREONI: A Regrettable Sacrifice

Georgetown students too often substitute productivity for their own well-being, whether that takes the form of extracurriculars, academics or the numerous other events that occupy students’ schedules. Building relationships allows for a healthy balance. Read about how Regina Andreoni found her balance — or how it snuck up on her — in the first installment of the Senior Compass Series.

WELSH: Choosing Joy Over Job Security

Tyler Welsh switched his major from economics to English and never looked back. His decision to prioritize his interests above the expectations of others changed his Georgetown career. In the second installment of the Senior Compass Series, read Tyler’s humorous view of economics, pessimistic visions of his own future and some important advice.

RIOS: Alone Under the Stars

Building lasting friendship is difficult for many Georgetown students. For Brittany Rios, even the closest personal relationships brought great frustration and, eventually, disappointment and loneliness. In the third — and deeply reflective — installment of this year’s Senior Compass Series, Rios offers words of both caution and advice.

DIBBLE: Remembering a Mentor

Last week, Georgetown lost a member of our community. In the fourth installment of the Senior Compass Series, Susannah Dibble reflects on the lessons professor Marc Chernick taught her during their time researching together. Further, she urges other students to value the professors who have expertise — both personal and professional — to offer.

THREATT: Finding God and Identity Through Disappointment

Kathryn Threatt’s Georgetown experience got off to a rocky start. Since she arrived to campus, however, her experiences have deepened her faith in God and awareness of her own identity.

JACOBS & SINGER: We’re Sorry for Our Friendship

Jesse Jacobs and Ellie Singer have spent most of their time at Georgetown causing trouble and eating stolen food. Read about the adventures that brought them together in this installment of the Senior Compass Series.

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