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Comedy Groups on Campus Offer Fresh Voices, Community

Comedy Groups on Campus Offer Fresh Voices, Community

By Sarah Keisler and Megan Wee February 14, 2020

Before he wrote for “Saturday Night Live,” before his career soared with “The Comeback Kid” and “Kid Gorgeous,” and before he produced “Big Mouth,” John Mulaney (COL ’04) was a member...

NETFLIX | The comedy industry has long been a boys’ club with little acceptance of female comedians. Now, trailblazers like Amy Schumer, left, shatter stereotypes and forge their own spaces in the world of comedy, despite barriers to entry.

Women Break Barriers, Leave Mark on Comedy

By Jessica Maksimov March 22, 2019

Today, women are performing stand-up sets in front of stadiums full of people, featuring as cast members on “Saturday Night Live” and hosting their own late-night talk shows. Just a decade ago, however,...

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

By Izzy Roemer and Izzy Roemer August 22, 2018

The trees on Prospect Street are starting to change color. The NSO horde has descended upon campus, tasked with welcoming over a thousand new students. Jack the Bulldog is on his way home from a restful...


Making Them Laugh: Comedy and Politics

By Maddy Forbess November 17, 2017

Comedy has long been an avenue for people to express their personal and political beliefs. The rise of late-night comedy shows that deal with political issues reflects our nation’s widespread engagement...

Student Stars Shine at Improv Fest 2017

Student Stars Shine at Improv Fest 2017

By Eleanor Tolf and Meena Raman February 10, 2017

Boasting alumni like Nick Kroll (COL ’01), John Mulaney (COL ’04) and Mike Birbiglia (COL ’00), the Georgetown Improv Association has long established its reputation as a comic authority in the...

Danny Smith\The Hoya

Perseverance Over Weakness

By Caitlin Cleary May 20, 2016

In a Georgetown Heckler meeting earlier this year, someone pitched an idea that made fun of “typical Georgetown people.” He started listing all of these Georgetown stereotypes: everyone’s super...

A New Kind Of Georgetown Stories

By Scott Goldstein November 3, 2015

At the end of last summer, I caught up with a close high school friend who goes to Williams College. As we were talking about the differences between our college experiences, she told me about her favorite...

Rachel SKAAR FOR The Hoya
From left to right, Megan Howell (COL ’18), Connor Rohan (COL ’16), Gabe Bolio (SFS ’18) and Marcus Lustig (COL ’19) of the Georgetown Improv Association

Improv’s Big Night Out

By Jiwon Noh October 9, 2015

When the nine members of Georgetown Improv Association gather on Monday nights, it’s not to hang out with friends — as much as it may seem like it. The chemistry is obvious. As the members —...

Mr. Georgetown: Who is the Real Prince Charming?

Mr. Georgetown: Who is the Real Prince Charming?

By Courtney Klein and Courtney Klein October 4, 2015

The Fourth Edition is pleased to present to you, the 2015 Mr. Georgetown Pageant contestants. This year, The Mr. Georgetown Pageant’s theme is Cinderfella and the Disney Princes. Will they be like this? Or...

Improv Festival Keeps Things Light

By Grace Wydeven February 27, 2015

“My sweet prince!” “Grapefruit!” “Auurrghhh!” “Cross-country skiing!” shouted members of the audience. These random and unrehearsed phrases were the foundation for the improv acts...

Improv Hosts 19th Festival

By Emma Rizk February 24, 2015

Georgetown’s Improv Association hosted the 19th annual Improv Fest in Bulldog Alley this weekend. Both nights were sold out and featured teams from George Washington, George Mason, University of...

Georgetown Improv: How Are They Single?

Georgetown Improv: How Are They Single?

By Sara Carioscia and Sara Carioscia January 23, 2015

Georgetown Improv’s first show of 2015 is tomorrow, Jan. 24, at 9 p.m. in Bulldog Alley. Please, try to control your excitement! I had the privilege of sitting down (well, standing at the front desk...

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