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20 Things Worse Than Wearing Size 13 Nikes


MEN’S size 13 Nikes.

If you haven’t seen “Tall Girl” on Netflix, neither have I — but I’m sure you’ve seen the relentless number of memes regarding a 6-foot high school girl’s biggest struggle: her enormous feet.

While I am a 5-foot college student with women’s size five white Fila sneakers, I am here to provide 20 things that are just a bit worse than this tall girl’s hamartia.

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  1. Size 14 Nikes
  2. A shot of Bacardi at 9 a.m. on homecoming
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3. Kylie getting back with Tyga

4. Boyas who think that Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn are all dating apps

5. Einstein Bros. taking anything that isn’t a plain bagel off the meal plan

6. That feeling you’re going to get when you find out Donald Trump’s 13- year-old son is over 6 feet tall

7. Not being able to see Mark Zuckerberg on campus

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8. The end of Fortnite

9. Spending a ridiculous amount of money on the housing lottery to be placed in a moldy VCW

10. Big Bootie Mix 16

11. Girls who think eating at all is a personality trait

12. Mr. The Hoya not winning Mr. Georgetown

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13. The new Instagram update that doesn’t let us stalk people see people’s activity

14. Freshmen thinking TikToks count as “memes” in the Georgetown Meme Facebook group

15. The international students who smoke outside Lau but have never stepped inside

16. That moment of fear when you’re walking down the Piano steps and there’s a 50 percent chance it’s empty

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17. Mango Burnett’s

18. Twitter deleting Trump’s Nickelback parody

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19. Midnight Mug running out of muffins at 6 p.m.

20. Being a short guy

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I hope this list of 20 really did “beat that.”

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