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The 5 People You’ll Meet On CHARMS

The 5 People Youll Meet On CHARMS


You’ve got your acceptance letter. Graduation is over (or fast-approaching). You’ve deftly navigated MyAccess to sign up for classes. Aunt Verna already bought all of your dorm supplies.(thank goodness for those receipts!)


CHARMS or Campus Housing Roommate Matching System can easily be described as the Craigslist for Georgetown freshmen housing. So we here at 4E have taken it upon ourselves to show you what’s in store. #HoyaList #LuckyCHARMS

Are you ready to meet your roommate??

1. Your (Future) President

This potential roomie (PR) describes themselves as a “political junkie.” In their CHARMS bio, they will make it clear what their affiliation is whether that be conservative, liberal, moderate, or Nutella-lover. Though opinionated, this PR can definitely hold an intelligent conversation. They are preparing themselves to be the embodiment of “Women and Men for Others.” Don’t be fooled, though, they will probably engage in some College Dems and/or College Republican ragers. After all, our alum “Slick Willy” Clinton was known for his ability to…how shall we put this lightly…party like it’s 1968. Upsides? Who wouldn’t want to room with Slick Willy?

2. The “Almost” Athlete

Roomies of the athletic sort? That covers a lot of the Hoya population as we are collectively very health conscious, but this PR practices an almost religious-like devotion to his/her favorite teams. Want to know the score of that game no one was watching last night? They know. And they will tell you about it, I promise. They don’t really play sports (weak ankles, they say), but if they could, they would be starting on our basketball team tomorrow (they say). They’re “just looking for a workout buddy to motivate them to go to Yates”. Upsides? This PR is an encourager; they will be rooting for you AND they will have season tickets to everything happening on campus and in DC. Can you say no to a ticket to see the Washington Capitals? Didn’t think so…

3. The Religious Type

While going through CHARMS you will inevitably run across this type of PR. For some, this could be a God-send (see what we did there?), but for others this pairing would be less than ideal. Whatever your stance, the religious PR offers a unique opportunity for a cultured freshman experience. Religion plays an important role in our Jesuit community as we are accepting of all religious beliefs…so why not room with this PR! You’ll gain insight into their belief system (as most have differences even within the same religion or worldview). Upsides? You may become more spiritually aware which is something Hoyas value as seen in our motto “Cura Personalis.” (Care of the whole person)

4. The Globe-Trotter

The international student! Their bio is a dead give-away because capitalization isn’t as important where they are from. This PR will be cool to you no matter what they say because of their accent. They are exotic and other-worldly. How much cooler can you get than rooming with someone who hasn’t had an “American childhood.” Think of all of the things you could talk about and compare…now that is some culture right there. “What do you call chocolate milk?” …. “Uhh. 巧克力牛奶.” Riveting. Upsides? CARE. PACKAGES. This PR’s mom will send tons of their favorite goodies. Just imagine all of that food.

5. You

You’re determined to show PRs that you’re laid back and have a lot to offer them. You’re trying hard not to rub anyone the wrong way but want people to know that you really want to “strike a balance between school and social life”, that you’re “not a neat freak, but keep things fairly tidy”, and are “totally down to share if you ask first!”.

CHARMS is half luck and half effort, so do what you can and hopefully it’ll work out!

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