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KAPASI: The Wounded Knee Massacre

KAPASI: The Wounded Knee Massacre

The Wounded Knee Massacre, the murder of Lakota refugees by the U.S. Cavalry in 1890, was inevitable. This atrocity was the culmination of the centuries-long effort by European immigrants to exterminate the indigenous peoples of the Plains, an indelible desire to expand fueled by Manifest Destiny. Despite the infamy of[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Re-Examine Misconceptions of Immigrants

Immigration is the premise upon which this nation was founded. Yet it has been a topic of continuous contention throughout the 2016 presidential race. The rhetoric surrounding immigration during the election has been largely uninformed. As a result, we have lost the ability to separate facts from generalizations. In light[Read More…]

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IPPOLITO: National Anthem Sparks Controversy

IPPOLITO: National Anthem Sparks Controversy

The national anthem is quickly becoming a lightning rod of controversy for American athletes. Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas was hounded by the media for what was deemed inappropriate and unpatriotic conduct when she did not place her hand over her heart for the national anthem in Rio. On Friday, San[Read More…]

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CRAIGE: MLS Still Lags Behind Premier Competition

CRAIGE: MLS Still Lags Behind Premier Competition

With just two weeks to go until the return of the English Premier League, it is somehow getting harder to wait that long. Fortunately, ESPN has started broadcasting most of the International Champions Cup “friendlies,” so we are not entirely without the wonderful sport. In fact, we have never really[Read More…]

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Fourth of July in the Capital

There is no better place in America to celebrate the Fourth of July than the nation’s capital. If you’re here for the summer or just a long weekend, don your best patriotic attire, load up on water and check out our tips to make the most of the day. Fourth[Read More…]

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The Process of Becoming America, The Beautiful

James was walking through the High Museum of Art in Atlanta with his brother, Jonathan, when he said something truly profound to him. As they passed by the various works of art, a section of the museum filled with intricate sculptures caused them to pause and take note. In front[Read More…]

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BOBROSKE: It’s Odd Being an American Abroad

BOBROSKE: It’s Odd Being an American Abroad

I have lived in Ecuador and am now in South Africa, and in both places, I’ve experienced a full array of commentaries on my American nationality. First, there are the paranoid people in South America who think I’m in the CIA. During my stay in Ecuador this summer, the country[Read More…]

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Lost Chance to Honor Veterans

Sometimes, practicality must give way to principle. Such is the case with Veterans Day, which universities ought to have honored by canceling classes yesterday. Government offices, banks and many businesses were closed across the country Monday in observation of the holiday, which occurs Nov. 11 and fell on a Sunday[Read More…]

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LAKHANPAL: In Qatar, Anti-U.S. Is not Anti-American

The casual rant against America is always followed by a quick justification: “It’s not like I’m anti-American. I like you! I’m just anti-America, you know?” A few days, ago my teaching assistant opened our philosophy recitation session by asking each student, “What is your name, and what is the most[Read More…]

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STODDER: It’s All in the American Accent

Those of you who happened to read my very first column this semester may remember a reference made to Indian call centers as the most common point of contact between the average American and the world’s largest democracy. I wrote that India’s call centers have changed its international image and[Read More…]

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