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Current and former members of the Asian-Pacific Islander Leadership Forum sit in front of the Asian American Hub for Organizing, Movement and Empowerment (HOME) house. The Magis Row townhouse was opened this year, marking the first residential space for Asian American students on campus.

APILF Fights Against ‘Institutional Amnesia’

Sitting in the living room of their Magis Row townhouse with the word “HOME” emblazoned on the wall in large, twinkle-light strewn letters, Heejin Hahn (COL ’20) and Jennifer Sugijanto (COL ’20) muse about their final year at Georgetown University.  Hahn and Sugijanto were freshmen when they helped create the[Read More…]

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KIRK ZIESER/THE HOYA |  An Asian-American affinity residential house obtained approval from the Office of Residential Living on Feb. 27. The student push was modeled on the campaigns that led to the establishment of the Black House and La Casa Latina.

Asian-American House Gains Approval on Magis Row

The Office of Residential Living approved the establishment of an Asian-American affinity residential house, the Asian-American Hub for Organizing, Movement and Empowerment, on Feb. 27. The approval comes after a push from the Asian-Pacific Islander Leadership Forum, who announced Residential Living’s decision in a March 11 Facebook post. The Asian-American[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Upholding Affirmative Action

Race remains a factor for mobility in the present-day United States. Willful ignorance of that reality harms members of the Asian-American community, in addition to other communities of color. The current anti-affirmative action debate paints the dynamic and diverse Asian-American community as a monolithic entity, thereby using a narrow image[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Develop Ethnic Studies Programs

Georgetown University’s curriculum does not reflect the academic demands of its underrepresented communities. Ethnic studies programs empower students to learn more about their own cultures and the cultures of other people. The university has recognized the value of these programs in the past, evidenced by the introduction of an African-American[Read More…]

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FRIAL & SUGIJANTO: Tell Our Stories

No education in American history and culture is complete without acknowledging the vast contributions of black, Latinx, Muslim, Asian and Native American communities. We live on the land of Indigenous peoples and profit from the labor of immigrants and people of color. By failing to teach these experiences, Georgetown University[Read More…]

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We Are Not Your Racial Wedge

To the Editor, The Asian-Pacific Islander Leadership Forum denounces the recent editorial, “Refocus Admissions on Merit,” published in The Hoya last Friday. We do not stand for the beliefs espoused in this article. While the editorial states that after eliminating affirmative action, the proportion of Asian-American students rose at the[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Build Coalitions Through Effective Advocacy

Following the mold of the Black Leadership and Latinx Leadership forums, 15 students launched the Asian-Pacific Islander Leadership Forum on March 19 to champion their community’s interests at Georgetown. Even without formal recognition from the university, the group’s contribution to the university’s cultural ecosystem underscores the power of student mobilization.[Read More…]

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