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Wisemiller’s Deli Removes Sandwich Name Over Backlash

Wisemiller’s Deli removed the “Blackie’s Favorite” sandwich that has appeared on the menu for at least 20 years from the store’s physical menu as a result of backlash to the racist nature of its name. The sandwich, which contains hot roast beef, grilled onions, muenster cheese and thousand island dressing,[Read More…]

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SAMUEL NELSON/THE HOYA | Ryan O'Sullivan's (MSB '19) Snapchat post containing racial slurs was publicly exposed on Twitter in January 2017, but he remained an employee at the East Campus Residence Hall Office for nearly two years after the incident.

University Response to Bias Incident Frustrates Students

The practice of calling out offensive speech on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook has raised the stakes of having a digital footprint — not only for individuals who express bigotry, but also for the institutions responsible for holding them accountable. Screenshots of Ryan O’Sullivan’s (MSB ’19) Snapchat posts[Read More…]

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BSA Holds Battle of the Voices for DC Colleges

BSA Holds Battle of the Voices for DC Colleges

Battle of the Voices, the first intercollegiate singing competition in Washington, D.C, debuts tonight in Gaston Hall. The event, which is sponsored by the Black Student Alliance, will feature soloists from Trinity Washington University, George Washington University, University of Maryland and Howard University. “I spoke with an administrator who’s been[Read More…]

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The Black House

When Conan Louis (FLL ’73) arrived at Georgetown in 1969, he was one of about 30 black students in the entire undergraduate population. There were no black members of the faculty or the administration. Although the university admitted its first black undergraduate in 1950, almost two decades later, the student body[Read More…]

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