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VIEWPOINT: Reject Religious Homophobia

VIEWPOINT: Reject Religious Homophobia

By Maddie Naisbitt February 10, 2023

CW: This article references/discusses homophobia.. Please refer to the end of the article for on- and off-campus resources.  “Being homosexual isn’t a crime” should not be a revolutionary...

BOSCO: For Hoyas, the Value of Humility

BOSCO: For Hoyas, the Value of Humility

By Fr. Mark Bosco, S.J. November 30, 2017

These are tough times. Still, over the course of my first year serving in the Office of Mission and Ministry, I have been struck by how important Georgetown University can be during this period of political...

Our Trojan Horse

By The Editorial Board November 10, 2015

It is hardly a surprise that the recent release of the 10th Annual Trojan Sexual Health Report Card, a set of rankings evaluating universities on accessibility of sexual health resources and information...

QUALLEN: Georgetown Academy: A Match In The Wind

QUALLEN: Georgetown Academy: A Match In The Wind

By Matthew Quallen November 6, 2015

In 1965, Herbert Marcuse called for a new, repressive kind of tolerance. In 1987, Allan Bloom declared that relativism had closed the American mind. In 1991, The Georgetown Academy sprang into life between...

Vatican Responds to Blatty Petition

By Molly Simio May 14, 2014

The Vatican’s Congregation for Catholic Education responded to a petition requesting that Georgetown University be stripped of its Catholic and Jesuit identity with a denial of the appeal for hierarchical...

Think Before You Speak

By The Editorial Board October 8, 2013

Like all Catholic universities, Georgetown has grappled with crafting policy and public positions on gay rights matters. At times, university administrators have put their feet down on the subject; other...

Taking Pride and Joy in Catholic Identity

By Chris Cannataro September 27, 2013

In his book, “Idea of a University,” Cardinal John Henry Newman states that “the human spirit must be cultivated in such a way that there results a growth in its ability to wonder, to understand,...

Faith in Our Founding

By Michael Fischer August 30, 2013

A university is a place of conversation. Last year, discussion about the 2010 Campus Plan dominated much of Georgetown’s dialogue. This year, with campus plan negotiations behind us for now, Georgetown...

‘Exorcist’ Author: GU Abusing Identity

By William Peter Blatty October 26, 2012

I loved Georgetown from the first day that I set my footlocker down in Healy Circle and asked an upperclassman how to find a room to put it in. I loved the Jesuits, too. In my novel “The Exorcist,”...

TISA: Distorted Religious Identity Divides GU

By Nate Tisa September 14, 2012

Georgetown students hail from over 40 countries and have ties to nearly every identity imaginable, from ethnicity to religion, sexuality to political beliefs. At face value, the limits to campus dialogue are...

Gavin & Honjiyo: No One Brand of Catholic

By Pat Gavin & Alex Honjiyo August 27, 2012

I’m a Catholic. Sounds like a simple enough statement. Yet in today’s America, this phrase invokes a complicated mix of family history, social class, ethnicity, geographic origin and worldview....

Alum Challenges GU’s Catholicism

By Matthew Strauss May 17, 2012

In the wake of a year’s worth of controversy surrounding Georgetown’s Catholic identity, a prominent alum is challenging the university’s right to be affiliated with the Catholic Church and the Society...

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