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GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY CLUB SPORTS/FACEBOOK | The CAB Fair serves as a showcase for many students looking to find the clubs they hope to call home on campus, with many clubs showing up to attract new sign-ups. Recently, CAB Fair 2.0 launched, which features only clubs with open membership.

Campus Clubs Form Integral Part of Student Culture

When Georgetown students introduce themselves on campus, a laundry list of identifiers ensues: name, school, year, major, maybe hometown and then extracurriculars. At Georgetown, club involvement can determine friendships, social involvement and perception on campus. This emphasis on involvement in often application-based, seemingly exclusive extracurriculars has led to the emergence[Read More…]

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A new policy passed by Blue and Gray Tour Guide Society prevents freshmen in their first semester at Georgetown from being selected as members of the organization.

Blue and Gray Delays Freshman Hires

The Blue and Gray Tour Guide Society will not hire freshmen this fall as part of a new recruitment policy designed to ensure all tour guides have sufficient experience as a college student. Blue and Gray confirmed to The Hoya that it will not accept students who have not yet[Read More…]

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Fading Lights: Decay of DC Nightlife

Fading Lights: Decay of DC Nightlife

Unbeknownst to most Georgetown students, just a 10-minute walk from the front gates sits a building filled with rich musical history. Although its stage has since been retired, it is here where Jimi Hendrix once played, where U2 made its American debut and where big names in rock music, from[Read More…]

It’s Good To Be Busy

Many have railed against the perceived detriments of Georgetown’s overly busy, extracurricular-oriented culture. These arguments condense into a few points. First, extracurriculars force students to spread themselves thin not only over classes, jobs, exercise and social life, but also clubs, which are integral to the Georgetown experience. Second, in pursuing[Read More…]

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Stress Culture: A Georgetown Tradition

Stress Culture: A Georgetown Tradition

Two weeks ago, I had an existential crisis. It started at about 2 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon and lasted about a week. I am a naturally existential person, so crises come easily to me, but this crisis had a very real and tangible cause. It was caused by words[Read More…]

Cost of Club Culture

Cost of Club Culture

No student’s confidence should be diminished because of a rejection letter from a club on campus. With the amount of hard work it takes just to be admitted to Georgetown, students can be so qualified for clubs that the difference between what it takes to make it and to be[Read More…]

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Rush: Better Than Club Admissions

In September, as my managing editor and I read through The Heckler applications one final time, two things occurred to me. First, this school is funny. So funny, in fact, that you would not guess how good-looking everyone is. Second, we need to rethink how we handle club admissions as[Read More…]

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NASA Commons
Students in NASA’s Student Launch Rocketry Competition watch a rocket take off in Tooele County, Utah during the 2013-2014 contest. Georgetown’s new rocketry team hopes to compete in this year’s competition.

Students Launch Rocketry Team

When Eric DeShields’ (MSB ’18) plans for a Georgetown solar go-kart racing club did not quite pan out, he decided to settle for the next best thing: a rocketry club. The Georgetown Rocketry Team officially launched this month, aiming to launch a student-built rocket a mile into the sky with[Read More…]

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Barcelona Never Sleeps

Barcelona Never Sleeps

The city that never sleeps. Usually that distinction goes to New York City, known as the Big Apple, the World’s Capital, and arguably the greatest city in the world. However, after being in Barcelona for a week now, this European city seems to have stolen the moniker. Barcelona is one[Read More…]

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Institutionalized Hookups

Institutionalized Hookups

At colleges and universities across the country, the social scene revolves around sororities and fraternities. Yet on a campus like Georgetown where only a handful of Greek chapters exists, the dominant social groups take on a much different form. Sports teams and clubs as well as academic, career and cultural[Read More…]

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