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VIEWPOINT: Open Up to Conflict

VIEWPOINT: Open Up to Conflict

By Maddie Stout December 1, 2023

College: a time for exploration, trying new things and meeting new people. It’s an era designed to encourage branching out and engaging with alternate viewpoints. And yet, we as a generation are further...

VIEWPOINT: Rethink Political Engagement

VIEWPOINT: Rethink Political Engagement

By Peter Sloniewsky December 1, 2023

It’s clear that the voting public does not win from political polarization.  Although those at the extremes of the Democratic and Republican parties are often seen challenging partisan leadership...

LUKE: Embrace Hands-Off Development

LUKE: Embrace Hands-Off Development

By Christina Luke September 6, 2019

Since the mid-1990s, political scientists have observed an alarming decline of civic engagement, civic trust and social capital within the United States. Today, more of the same is taking place, as modes...


Album Review: ‘Memories … Do Not Open’

By Jane Mikus April 26, 2017

★★★★☆ The Chainsmokers first earned its claim to fame in 2014 with the notorious hit single “#SELFIE.” Since the track’s viral release, the EDM duo has begun to produce a more radio-friendly...

Making Your Story Known and Finding Help in the Process

By Michael Neary July 20, 2016

I’ve had depression since I was 12. I used to be afraid of people finding out, so I kept track of who knew and tried to keep it quiet. I remember feeling angry when my parents told my extended family...

Partner for Progress

By The Editorial Board February 23, 2016

Confined to our small college campus bubble, we as Georgetown students often find it difficult to influence events happening in the world around us. We often try to make a global impact by forming small,...

SHETTY & TRIVEDI: Levels of Learning In a New Curriculum

SHETTY & TRIVEDI: Levels of Learning In a New Curriculum

By Rohan Shetty and Naman Trivedi November 10, 2015

This piece was inspired by the “Designing the Future of the University” course taught by Randy Bass and Ann Pendleton-Julian. When we look at college in the future, we should really be paying for...

A Worthwhile Alliance

By The Editorial Board November 10, 2015

Students often complain that the divide between extracurricular activities and academic curriculum is rarely bridged. Faculty members tend to play a relatively small role in undergraduate organizations,...

ASU Partnership Ushers in Future

By Suzanne Monyak March 21, 2014

Jeffrey Selingo, professor of practice at Arizona State University and senior adviser to University President John J. DeGioia, discussed the future of leadership in higher education at a public forum at...

Research Program Engages Students

By Emily Brown February 8, 2013

Catherine Merwin (NHS ’15) spent an hour last semester identifying emotions in photographs and measuring how quickly she could press various buttons. She was one of 115 students to participate inGRVP Live!,...

Students Launch Social Justice Blog

By Meghan Patzer February 5, 2013

When Neesha Tambe (COL ’13) and Jocelyn Fong (SFS ’14) began discussing social-justice issues on and off campus, they saw something lacking in Georgetown’s social-justice resources. Tambe thought...

SGU Seeks Collaboration

By Caroline Welch February 5, 2013

With their first year behind them, the Student Group Union is looking ahead to new forms of collaboration between student groups after electing 11 new representatives last Sunday. While much of the...

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