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‘Amanuensis’ Premieres at the Gonda Theater, Featuring Father-Daughter Conflict and ‘Paradise Lost’

‘Amanuensis’ Premieres at the Gonda Theater, Featuring Father-Daughter Conflict and ‘Paradise Lost’

“You haven’t the flame to outlast a raindrop. You’re not a conflagration, Mary; you’re a wee match in the sea of time. And the sea will swallow you up,” John Milton boomed in response to his daughter’s plea to satiate her hunger for knowledge. In the play’s world premiere at[Read More…]


Nomadic Theatre Brings to Life the Trial of Judas Iscariot

From Georgetown’s cocurricular student theater group Nomadic Theatre comes the exceptional “The Last Days of Judas Iscariot.” Based on the play by Pulitzer Prize-winning Stephen Adly Guirgis, this production follows the appeal trial of Judas Iscariot’s damnation. In downtown Purgatory, an ambitious young lawyer by the name of Fabiana Cunningham,[Read More…]

In Mask and Bauble’s latest adaptation of the French play “Cyrano de Bergerac,” which runs from Feb. 18 to 21 and 24 to 27, Greg Ongao (SFS ’16), left, plays the titular Hercule-Savinien Cyano de Bergerac and Taylor Rasmussen (COL ’16) plays Roxane.

Cyrano de Bergerac

In its third event of the school year, the Mask and Bauble Dramatic Society will bring “Cyrano de Bergerac” to Poulton Hall. Veteran Georgetown actors and new performers alike have worked to stage this timeless tale, a fictionalization of the life of Hercule-Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac. Funny, sincere and as[Read More…]

In the Nomadic Theatre’s new play, Andrew Walker (SFS ’16), left, plays Bruto, a quirky literary agent who persuades his client Tobin Falmouth, played by Greg Keiser (COL ’16), to travel to a small town to defend his controversial book, “The Metal Children.”

The Metal Children

No young adult novelist predicts that tragic events in his fictional story will actually become reality. American playwright Adam Rapp’s “The Metal Children” tells the tale of one such novelist, as the events of his fictional story involving an abortion, disappearance and suicide begin to occur in a small town[Read More…]

Thomas Shuman (COL'17) in 'afterlife: a ghost story,' Nomadic Theater's Fall Show

A New Kind of Horror at Nomadic’s ‘Afterlife’ in the Devine Theatre

A mother who meets the murderer of her own child will truly understand what it means to hate. A transformative hatred, the real kind. These are the images that come together in Nomadic Theatre’s fall show, “afterlife: a ghost story,” by Steve Yockey, in which a married couple must confront[Read More…]

Nine buildings, including the Intercultural Center (pictured), experienced a power outage earlier this evening.

Power Outage Affects Nine Buildings

At least nine buildings on campus experienced power outages beginning at around 6:45 p.m. tonight due to an electrical transformer failure, according to a university-wide email from the Department of Emergency Management and Operational Continuity. The affected buildings were Reiss Building, the Intercultural Center, Harbin Hall, Davis Performing Arts Center, Ryan[Read More…]

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The portal, on N Street, allows Georgetown students and D.C. residents to connect with people in Herat, Afghanistan.

7,500 Miles in 15 Minutes

As students rushed to and from their classes in the Edmund A. Walsh Memorial building this week, they passed by a nondescript gold shipping container on N Street — unaware that, inside, unprecedented conversations were taking place. Participants who stepped into the box, titled the “Portal to Afghanistan,” were digitally[Read More…]

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A Quiver Between Loss and Hope

Memory and loss. Light and shadow. Bones and stars. Belgrade-based DAH (meaning “breath”) Teatar’s masterful duet piece “The Quivering of the Rose” is a meditation on the fragility — and the strange resilience — of memory and the human will when faced with disappearance and loss. The unadorned minimalist space[Read More…]

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Olivia Duff (COL '16) and Conor Ross (COL '16) in Nomadic Theatre's "Sick" last January.

Performing Against the Odds

Marking its 10th year in November, the Royden B. Davis Performing Arts Center has more to celebrate than an imminent milestone — over the past decade, it has served as the home for the nationally recognized and still-burgeoning department of performing arts. Utilizing its capacity for interdisciplinary study and social[Read More…]

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Students Shine in Controversial Play

Students Shine in Controversial Play

Since its release in 2006, the musical “Spring Awakening” has brought controversy to the stage and left amazed audiences in its wake. These aren’t your typical showtunes, and these aren’t your traditional Broadway themes or plot. And with performances starting this Thursday, Mask & Bauble is staging this unconventional Tony Award-nominated[Read More…]

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