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The Freedom to Speak

The Freedom to Speak

Freedom lay at the foundation of our country in its first few days. We wished to express ourselves, to eloquently elaborate on our need to decide our own future. Years later, the letter of the law spelled out in the Bill of Rights sanctified this idea — the freedom of[Read More…]

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Forefronting the Gun Control Debate

On Dec. 14, 2012, Adam Lanza, a Connecticut native, broke into Sandy Hook Elementary School with his Bushmaster AR-15. In less than five minutes, Lanza wreaked havoc upon the school before claiming his own life with a bullet. Among the 26 victims, 20 were children and six were adult staff[Read More…]

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DC’s Right to Light

Federalism — the revered principle of our government, as old as any other — is at constant risk of being undermined. Thursday witnessed the newest challenge to this system as the legalization of marijuana in Washington, D.C. was formally implemented at 12:01 a.m. Following in the footsteps of voters in[Read More…]

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The five vice presidential candidates sit poised for the debate to begin.

GUSA VP Contenders Meet in Debate

The five Georgetown University Student Association vice presidential candidates participated in Wednesday’s Election Commission-moderated debate, answering questions from campus media, members of the GUSA Finance and Appropriations committee and those posed through Twitter. The room, as the debate is poised to start. #GUSA2015 — The Hoya (@thehoya) February 12,[Read More…]

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Palestine, BDS, and Richard Falk: An Answer to GIA

Palestine, BDS, and Richard Falk: An Answer to GIA

The Georgetown Israel Alliance (GIA) seems to have taken considerable exception to an earlier campus event featuring a lecture and question-and-answer session with Princeton international law scholar and former U.N. Special Rapporteur Richard Falk. Subsequently, a member of the GIA went on to dismiss and denounce the event as having[Read More…]

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Eye of the Beholder: Art and its Audience

Affirmation: Artists should be beholden to their audience because art is created for the audience. By its nature, art is intended to be displayed and appreciated, and therefore the audience is integral to the artwork itself. Negation: I agree that art is generally created for an audience, but this is[Read More…]

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The Ways and Woes of The College Experience

The Ways and Woes of The College Experience

Resolved, a bi-weekly column on Chatter, features viewpoints from members of the Philodemic Society on the topic of this week’s debate. This week, Philodemic debates the changing face of modern feminism and analyzes its implications for the future. Join them this Thursday at 8 p.m. in Healy 208 as they debate “Resolved: The myth of[Read More…]

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Negative: ‘College,’ So-Called

Is there a so called ‘College Experience?’ Most parents and students would say that the answer is yes. The ‘College Experience’ can be defined as challenging yourself and making new friends while in college. By participating in Greek life and other activities, students meet those who have similar interests and[Read More…]

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For A More Effective Abortion Debate

For A More Effective Abortion Debate

I remember a time when one of my friends asked me why Christians are against abortion. She thought that there was some random doctrine (maybe the Bible said something about it) that prohibited abortion, rather than any sensible attachment to reason. Unfortunately, the abortion debate is plagued with such misunderstandings.[Read More…]

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Alexander Hamilton Society Returns

Seven students have relaunched the Alexander Hamilton Society, a non-partisan, nonprofit organization that promotes debate on foreign policy and national security, after its absence from campus last school year. President Benjamin Reiser (COL ’17) said the organization’s main goal is to encourage discourse about a variety of issues. “We have[Read More…]

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