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It’s Time to Bridge the Gap

It’s Time to Bridge the Gap

On May 19, 2012, I will graduate from two Georgetowns. The first is the one that everyone knows about. This is the Georgetown of the International Relations Club, The Corp and The Hoya. It is the one that is sold in brochures in the admissions office and promoted during GAAP[Read More…]

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Students Seek Concrete Action on Diversity

Still struggling to get many of the recommendations it issued in a 2009 report implemented by the university, the Student Commission for Unity is seeking to revitalize its presence on campus. “Our fight is to make sure that the ideas, recommendations and documents from a few years ago do not[Read More…]

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Race: One Dimension of Diversity

There is no denying that diversity of students is a must for higher education, but affirmative action is not the best way to go about ensuring this. The case of Fischer vs. The University of Texas may end up eliminating the use of race in the admissions process to ensure[Read More…]

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Affirming Diversity

The Supreme Court agreed last month to hear a case on affirmative action, and many speculate that the conservative-leaning Court may overturn a previous decision allowing the use of race as a factor in college admissions. As much as the buzzword “diversity” is used around college campuses, we often take[Read More…]

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A Deeper Diversity

For most of its history, the majority of American higher education has been segregated by law or custom on the basis of gender, religion, national origin or race and ethnicity.  The reason is simple: Americans on the whole have never believed that everyone should be educated. This is true even[Read More…]

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Alum Donates $10 Million to Foster Diversity

William J. Doyle (CAS ’72) was received as a guest of honor at Georgetown Thursday in recognition of his recent $10 million gift to the university. Doyle, the president and CEO of fertilizer company PotashCorp, and his wife Kathy made the monetary contribution that endows the Doyle Initiative, an effort to encourage[Read More…]

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Applicants More Diverse, Dispersed in Record-Setting Year

Applicants More Diverse, Dispersed in Record-Setting Year

This year’s prospective freshman class set a record with 20,050 applications to the university’s class of 2016. But they also set a record in diversity, as the numbers of African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic and international students applying to the university continued to rise, according to Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Charles Deacon.[Read More…]

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TOPOROFF: Prayer Services Complement Our Classroom Experiences

Two weeks ago, Campus Ministry held its first religious services open house of the year, a week in which the ministry encouraged students to observe and participate in the services of other religions. But unless you were already practicing a faith, odds are you never heard about it. I, for[Read More…]

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Singing a Cultural Tune

A new breed of singing groups with unique cultural focuses are lending their voices to highlight the Hilltop’s cultural diversity. Chutzpah, an a cappella group comprised of Jewish students, takes its name from the Yiddish word for self-confidence or nerve. Founded in 2009, the group has performed in various concerts[Read More…]

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GUSA: An Association Lacking Representation

Gerrymandering is frowned upon in representative government. Unfortunately, it seems the Georgetown University Student Association has forgotten the basic principles of this breed of political system. Thursday marks the annual fall tradition of GUSA Senate elections. While upperclassmen usually ignore emails asking them to spare a few minutes and vote online, many[Read More…]

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