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CHRONICLES FROM COPENHAGEN: New Perspectives on the European Union

CHRONICLES FROM COPENHAGEN: New Perspectives on the European Union

This past week, I journeyed to Brussels, Belgium with my European politics course to study the European Union by touring the various institutions headquartered in Brussels and interviewing key players within the system. Although I already had an understanding of the importance of the European Union from my previous studies,[Read More…]

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Diplomat Speaks Against Referendums

Referendums are inefficient forms of democracy, according to Former High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs the Right Honourable Baroness Catherine Ashton of Upholland during a discussion at the Mortara Center on Friday. The talk, co-hosted by the BMW Center for German and European Studies and the Georgetown Institute[Read More…]

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VALENTIN: Immigration Policy Weakens the Left

“Controls on Immigration.” These words, written on Britain’s Labour Party mugs, wreaked havoc in the 2015 general election. The Twitter storm that followed revealed the taboo surrounding immigration in leftist parties. For many supporters, anti-immigration positions have no place in social-left parties, yet it is becoming clear that the left[Read More…]

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EU Needs New Efforts Against Tax Evasion

Vladimir Putin, Bashar al Assad and Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson. That is probably not the company with whom the former Icelandic prime minister had hoped to be associated with in 2016, but connections with Panamanian law firm Mossack-Fonseca has brought him, along with the aforementioned dictators and many others, to occupy the[Read More…]

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Former Secretary General of the North American Treaty Organization Javier Solana shared his thoughts on the challenges of transatlantic relations in the Mortara Center on Tuesday.

NATO Secretary General Talks Global Challenges

Former Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Javier Solana spoke about challenges the European Union and transatlantic community currently face at the Mortara Center Tuesday afternoon. Solana, who also formerly served as secretary general of the Council of the European Union, currently serves as president of the Center[Read More…]

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EU Ambassador Talks Transatlantic Trade

Ambassador of the European Union to the United States David O’Sullivan discussed transatlantic trade relations and global challenges to trade negotiations at an event in the Rafik B. Hariri Building on Oct. 7. The event marks the latest installment in the annual Global Embassy Series organized by the McDonough Global[Read More…]

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A panel discussed European internet privacy laws on Monday.

Panel Discusses EU Privacy Law

A panel of experts debated the European Court of Justice’s ruling about the right to be forgotten online at an event called “An Evening Not to be Forgotten” hosted by the university’s communication, culture and technology program in the Walsh Building on Monday evening. The European Court of Justice ruled[Read More…]

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EU Ambassador Talks Monetary Crisis

European Union Ambassador to the United States Joao Vale de Almeida addressed the future of Europe and its currency as well as Poland’s future role in the European Union in an event Tuesday at the Mortara Center. In his speech, held by Klub Polski, Vale de Almeida emphasized how Poland, whose president is the current chair of the[Read More…]

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