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MADELINE CHARBONNEAU/THE HOYA | Board of directors approves updated weapons policy banning the use of weapons by all members of the Georgetown community Feb. 14.

New Weapons Ban Applies Campuswide, Board Confirms

Georgetown’s board of directors approved a campus weapons policy banning firearms on campus in a Feb. 14 meeting, with signage on the prohibition of weapons set to be posted on campus later this year. The policy update — known as the Policy Prohibiting Firearms, Weapons and Explosives — clarifies that[Read More…]

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HANNAH LEVINE/THE HOYA The Georgetown University faculty senate voted Nov. 28 to ban firearms, weapons and explosives on university property.

GU Faculty Approves On-Campus Weapons Ban

A universitywide proposal banning firearms, weapons and explosives on campus was unanimously approved by Georgetown University’s faculty senate Nov. 28 and is set for final review Jan. 17, according to an email sent to members of the Georgetown community. Georgetown prohibits weapons on campus through its Code of Student Conduct[Read More…]

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HANNAH LEVINE/THE HOYA Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) introduced The Ghost Guns Prohibition Emergency Amendment Act to ban the possession of undetectable plastic "ghost guns," unregistered firearms lacking serial numbers on Monday.

Bowser Proposes Legislation to Ban 3D-Printed ‘Ghost Guns’

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) proposed legislation to ban the possession of 3D-printed plastic guns and other undetectable “ghost guns” Monday. The Ghost Guns Prohibition Emergency Amendment Act will amend existing legislation to prohibit the registration and possession of ghost guns, or unregistered firearms without serial numbers, in the[Read More…]

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Tom Garrett (R-Va.) introduced legislation seeking to weaken D.C. gun control laws March 15.

Congress Looks to Weaken DC Firearm Laws

Republicans in Congress introduced a bill this month to weaken gun control laws in Washington, D.C., sparking criticism from District officials concerned with federal meddling in local policies. Freshman Rep. Tom Garrett (R-Va.) introduced legislation on the floor of the House of Representatives to weaken D.C.’s gun regulations March 15.[Read More…]

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Don’t Arm Our Students

Combatting sexual assault ranks as one of the most important debates this country’s higher education system has ever seen and has warranted a dialogue that has continually held national attention. This dialogue has contributed to the improvement of mechanisms to report assaults and harrassment cases, nationwide awareness and education campaigns[Read More…]

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Campus Gun Violence Debate Stuck on Safety

Entering my first class of the school year, I claimed the desk closest to the door in anticipation of my mad dash to the next class. Notebook out, polite conversation conducted, my eyes wandered to the emergency instructions posted on the wall next to me. In addition to the typical[Read More…]

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