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Chipotle Crushes in Battle of the Burritos

In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” However, I am almost certain that Jefferson was not thinking about Mexican restaurants. For years, M Street has played the role of battlefield between two contenders from south of[Read More…]

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Time to Rekindle Raillery

As the drudgery of midterm season rolls on, the tired looks, caffeine jitters and unbearably crowded library continue to leave an air of misery on campus. To lighten the mood, why can’t our campus news organizations provide us with a little comic relief while still keeping us informed? The news[Read More…]

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Summer Jobs: Defeating the Dejection of the Daily Grind

Summer Jobs: Defeating the Dejection of the Daily Grind

Finally. Everyone has pulled his or her last all-nighter in order to turn in that final paper or to study for that last final. The majority of wheeled suitcases have left campus. It’s officially summer vacation. However, as we get older, summer begins to entail more than just sunburn, barbecues[Read More…]

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Heckler Parody of NSO Guide Draws University Ire

An online student humor magazine altered its parody of a university publication in June under pressure from an administrator who said the satire might confuse incoming students and their parents. The Georgetown Heckler posted a link to a spoof of the New Student Guide sent to incoming freshmen and transfer[Read More…]

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