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Learn Quicker With iClicker

Many find the crowded lecture hall to be an inevitable downside to attending a large research university such as Georgetown. In recent years, professors with an excess of 200 students — and 200 laptops — have been exploring new ways of holding attention. And while new education technology can be[Read More…]

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Cheating, a Click Away

Cheating, a Click Away

In spite of the temptation to cheat that iClickers provide, Georgetown professors say that they have seen few signs that the tools are being misused in their classrooms. A recent Chronicle of Higher Education report found rampant iClicker cheating in more than 1,000 colleges across the country. Over 2 million students nationwide use the[Read More…]

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Georgetown classes have recently become click-happy. The iClicker – a device that made its Hilltop premiere in large science and math lectures – is now being used in classes from a variety of departments, including economics and government. While it has its charms, the iClicker can create unnecessary inconveniences for[Read More…]

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