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Movie Review: ‘It’

★★☆☆☆ In order for any horror movie to inspire anything beyond trivial fright, it must touch on the substance of real human experience. Through its scenes of terror, the film must tell a story with implications beyond flashy special effects and scare tactics. “It,” the newly released remake of the[Read More…]

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Chief Information Officer Judd Nicholson previously worked for the U.S. Marshals Service as deputy CIO before coming to work at Georgetown.

Q&A: Judd Nicholson Promotes Technology’s Role on Campus

Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at Georgetown Judd Nicholson talked with The Hoya about his background, current University Information Services projects and technology issues relevant to students on campus. Can you introduce yourself and give us some information on your background and experiences that you bring[Read More…]

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UIS Rolls Out Wireless Network

UIS Rolls Out Wireless Network

Georgetown University Information Services launched GURegistered, a new pilot wireless network, which allows residents to connect devices that do not support secure protocols, in conjunction with the Georgetown University Student Association on Feb. 9. The network’s establishment comes at the heels of December’s announcement of a five-year, $27.5 million UIS-led[Read More…]

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Corp Services Briefly Shut Following Website Hack

Students of Georgetown, Inc. was forced to close all its storefronts for two hours Monday in response to a hack on its servers. This measure was taken as a precaution to protect the integrity of its Square payment software. The Corp’s website, which is still not operational as of press[Read More…]

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Program With Us

The #SitWithMe campaign — focused on encouraging women to enter computer science-related fields — highlights several pressing issues as it pushes for progress. Historically, there has been a long-standing discrepancy between male and female information technology professionals due to how women are precluded from pursuing opportunities in increasingly important jobs.[Read More…]

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UIS to Reevaluate Blackboard

In response to student comments on the university-wide forum IdeaScale, the administration is in the process of assessing Blackboard’s usefulness and discussing how to improve the online resource. According to Chief Information Officer Lisa Davis, the university considered updating the site even before a suggestion was posted on IdeaScale last[Read More…]

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CIO Seeks Campus IT Updates

The Information Technology Executive Steering Committee, a newly established group chaired by Chief Information Officer Lisa Davis, will seek to establish priorities for the development of new information technology on campus in the coming year. Members of the committee include deans from all schools and senior administrators in the university.[Read More…]

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Campus IT Gets Upgrade

Building on momentum from the summer, Georgetown’s Chief Information Officer Lisa Davis has set lofty goals for the current semester. Since she became CIO in February, Davis has overseen the university’s inaugural Innovation Summit, the launch of Georgetown’s mobile application, the expansion of on-campus wireless coverage and the integration of[Read More…]

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Stodder: Indian IT Calls Attention to Masses

Mention the words “information technology” and “India” to an American, and what generally comes to mind? Business students might think of corporate powerhouses like Infosys and Wipro, major players in India’s growing economic clout, while movie buffs might recollect the frenetic call center scenes of”Slumdog Millionaire.” The average American rarely comes in contact with[Read More…]

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