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Stand Against Aramark

Feb. 18 marked a landmark change in Georgetown’s involvement with Aramark, the corporation behind Leo’s, Hoya Court and most other food locations on campus, with employees and students rallying together for workers’ rights. Aramark has gained a reputation both for poor payment of its workers and the poor quality of[Read More…]

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Leo’s Sells 300 Pizzas for Super Bowl Sunday

Leo’s Sells 300 Pizzas for Super Bowl Sunday

As the Georgetown community buzzed with anticipation for Super Bowl XLIX last Sunday, Georgetown Dining launched Punt, Pass and Pizza — Game Day To-Go, a new meal exchange program that allowed students to exchange one meal swipe for a full take-out pizza during the day of the game. 300 students[Read More…]

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Tricks For a College Diet

“How do I stay healthy on a college campus?” This question, along with many others, is common among students transitioning from home to college, especially in their first year. For the first time, students are fully in charge of their diet and can often be overwhelmed with the abundance of[Read More…]

Aramark workers, including Leo’s employees, are pursuing more workers’ rights in a new contract. The current one expires in March.

Petition Seeks Aramark Renegotiation

Aramark workers on campus are engaged in efforts to renegotiate their contract with the company, demanding better work and wage conditions, since their current three-year contract expires in March. A group of 20 Aramark workers from O’Donovan Hall, Cosi and Starbucks and a group of 30 students from the Georgetown[Read More…]

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QUALLEN: Worker’s Rally Lives On

QUALLEN: Worker’s Rally Lives On

On March 15, 2005, 25 Georgetown students began a hunger strike. They refused to eat until the university committed to a just employment policy, at the core of which lay the guarantee of a living wage. Their action drew quick attention. Even as administrators evaded the students — members of[Read More…]

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Lobbying for Leo’s Workers

While some students may overlook the hustle and bustle that commonly occurs at O’Donovan Hall, it is important that members of the Georgetown community show solidarity with the workers of Leo’s in their fight to re-negotiate a contract with Aramark, Georgetown’s dining services contractor. Last week, the workers organized in[Read More…]

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Leo’s Dishwashers Broken

In the six days leading up to Thanksgiving break, the staff at O’Donovan Hall were forced to serve food with paper and plastic utensils, plates, cups and bowls because of a breakdown of the dishwashers. Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Business Services Joelle Wiese attributed the breakdown to a malfunction[Read More…]

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These upper-level tables will be replaced with farmhouse tables.

Leo’s to Replace Upper-Level Tables by Spring

Aramark will replace existing seating on the upper level of O’Donovan Hall with farmhouse-style tables and chairs by the start of the spring semester, allowing for an additional 70 chairs on the top floor. “We took a look at current dining trends in food service operations on the national and[Read More…]

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Students expressed concerns about meal plans at a forum on Thursday.

University Backs Down on 3-Year Meal Plan Requirement

The university is no longer considering mandating a third-year meal plan, Vice President for Auxiliary Services Joelle Wiese announced at a forum in Sellinger Lounge on Thursday night. “We were just kind of brainstorming and throwing [ideas] out there and that just happened to be one of them,” Wiese said.[Read More…]

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A Dialogue of Distrust

When reports that the university is considering mandating a third-year meal plan surfaced late on a Wednesday night, students understandably responded with outrage at what was correctly interpreted as an affront to the idea of a working relationship between students and administrators. Less than 48 hours later, representatives of three[Read More…]

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