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SEWALL | Premier Clubs Must Pay Workers Living Wage

SEWALL | Premier Clubs Must Pay Workers Living Wage

English soccer clubs have historically been heavily associated with the working class. In the 20th century, soccer grew rapidly in factory and mill towns in northern England where local workers used the sport as their main social hub. Weekend matches were seen as the primary way for working people to[Read More…]

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Alta Gracia workers stand outside their factory in the Dominican Republic. John Kline (top), a professor in the School of Foreign Service, and Ed Soule, an associate professor in the McDonough School of Business, announced that Alta Gracia broke even on profits this September.

Business Promotes Living Wage Model

Founded in 2010, Alta Gracia now produces apparel for over 800 university bookstores, including Georgetown’s. Praised for its workers’ rights-focused model, this Dominican Republic-based clothing factory is the only one in the developing world that pays employees a living wage equivalent to more than three times the minimum wage, placing[Read More…]

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Wage Hike Alters Campus Prices, Employment

In accordance with the new minimum wage hikes, student employees at Georgetown will see up pay increases this year of up to $1.25, possibly at the expense of number of student jobs offered. As of July 1, 2014, the minimum wage in Washington D.C. has been increased from $8.25 to[Read More…]

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Support LRAA for a Livable DC

If Washington, D.C. is to be livable for all its residents, we and the District government need to take a stand to support living wages. The Large Retailer Accountability Act, which passed through the D.C. Council with an 8-5 vote July 26, would guarantee a living wage to thousands of[Read More…]

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Standards Rise for Apparel

Starting this fall, some of the apparel sold at the university bookstore carries a story with it: The employees of the manufacturers are paid a living wage and afforded worker benefits as part of an ambitious multinational experiment. Georgetown is one of more than 300 university bookstores this year to[Read More…]

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