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TESTING TRUISMS: 70 Percent of Hoyas Marry Hoyas?

TESTING TRUISMS: 70 Percent of Hoyas Marry Hoyas?

The statistic is well-known. Tour guides cheerily relay the fact to prospective Hoyas, and you tease your friends about it when they go on dates. But is the rumor true? Do 70 percent of Hoyas actually marry other Hoyas? If you were hoping to find “the one” at Georgetown, you[Read More…]

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Why I’m Proud I Changed My Last Name

To the Editor: I read Jasmine White’s “Why I Won’t Ever Change My Last Name” with curiosity … and indignation. I am a Class of 2014 alum and have been married a whopping five months. So clearly, I have lots of life experiences to speak to some of the issues in[Read More…]

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Matrimonial Logistics

Matrimonial Logistics

I can just imagine many of your reactions as you read the above resolution; how dare I, in this era of liberty and independence, dare to advocate that one of the most fundamental aspects of our lives (love!), be controlled by a third party. Well, my dear romanticists, it’s time[Read More…]

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Marriage an Institution Defined by Procreation

Advocates of redefining marriage often regard themselves as the champions of equality, justice and human rights. In recent weeks, an enormous head of steam has been generated on this page of The Hoya by the repetition of these principles ad nauseam. Some have even expressed their desire to toss the[Read More…]

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GU College Republicans Silent on Marriage

Though the College Republicans at the University of Pennsylvania have declared support for same-sex marriage along with at least 50 Democratic and Republican student groups nationwide, the Georgetown University College Republicans remain silent on the issue. “Same-sex marriage is an issue on which people of good will can and do[Read More…]

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Church’s ‘Monopoly on Truth’ Alienates LGBT

Claiming that you believe in LGBT individuals’ inherent dignity and, in the same breath, telling them that their consensual love is fundamentally disordered requires a peculiar brand of cognitive dissonance, at best. Hypocrisy, at worst. The Catholic Church describes same-sex attraction as “objectively disordered,” “a strong tendency toward an intrinsic moral evil”[Read More…]

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My Marriage to a Marine

I arrived on the Hilltop as a freshman in 2009. Yet while my classmates were preoccupied with the transition from high school to college, I was prepared for a different transition: My then-boyfriend of three years, Cpl. Eduardo “Lalo” Panyagua, was about to deploy to Afghanistan with the Marine Corps’[Read More…]

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Double Duty: Married Students Seek Balance

Double Duty: Married Students Seek Balance

Donna Hernandez (SFS ’13) eloped with her husband, Eduardo Panyaguy, two weeks into her freshman year at Georgetown. The couple, who met in high school, married beforePanyaguy, a U.S. Marine, was deployed to Afghanistan in the fall of 2009. “We were planning on a long engagement until I realized that he was[Read More…]

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Till Class Do Us Part: Married Faculty Balance Work, Home Lives

Till Class Do Us Part: Married Faculty Balance Work, Home Lives

Kathryn Olesko and Wayne Davis have many things in common. Both professors hold leadership positions within their respective departments. Both are heavily involved in the campus community. But what many of their students never knew is that they have been married for more than three decades. There are at least[Read More…]

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The Question of Cohabitation

Last Friday’s dating column in The Guide had an article, “Why We’re Making Out, Not Going Out,” that ended with this line: “It is not a question of whether you will participate in the hookup culture, but how you will.” I’d like to think that things haven’t quite come this[Read More…]

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