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LUX: Giving Up Ghosting

LUX: Giving Up Ghosting

“I’ve been seeing him for a while, but then he just stopped texting me. I don’t know what happened.” These words have been a familiar refrain for me throughout my time at Georgetown. There is actually a word for this scenario of abruptly ending a relationship and ignoring all communication[Read More…]

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Ayan Mandal

MANDAL: Hot Hearts and Cooler Heads

Like many intellectual disciplines, the study of biology can be traced back to the Greek philosopher Aristotle. A true empiricist, Aristotle relied not on speculation but on dissections of organisms to uncover the principles that govern life processes. However, despite his positive influence on the physical sciences, one glaring error[Read More…]

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EPSTEIN: Heartbreak and the Neuropsychology of Memory

Breakups, particularly painful ones, are difficult to forget. After having a broken heart, many people believe they will never get over it. But then, somehow, they eventually start thinking about their previous partner less and less, and all the negative feelings associated with the heartbreak slowly fade over time. I[Read More…]

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EPSTEIN: Romance, Splits and the Errors in Perception

Relationships end for a reason, which is why by the time they end most of them become messy. After the end of a romance, one or both parties tend to leave with a negative impression of the other individual. How many people do you know who are on good terms[Read More…]

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EPSTEIN: Be an Alpha Female

A male friend once told me that he never goes home with girls who hit on him at parties. When I asked why, I anticipated a slut-shaming answer. But instead his response was, “Because all the girls who hit on me are drunk — too drunk for me to be[Read More…]

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Adam Green, a Georgetown psychology professor, conducted a study that found that tDCS to the left frontal lobe can increase creativity in participants.

Professors Find Electrical Brain Stimulation Enhances Creativity

Electrical stimulation to the front of the brain’s left hemisphere may spark an increased capacity for creative thinking, according to new findings by Georgetown researchers Adam Green and Peter Turkeltaub published on April 13 in the science journal, Cerebral Cortex. During the year-long research project, the team hitched transcranial direct[Read More…]

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Professor Creates PTSD Pilot

Professor Creates PTSD Pilot

Georgetown University Associate Professor Jennifer Woolard will work on a three-year pilot program titled Project Cohort, which was created in a partnership between Project Rebirth, Georgetown University, Outward Bound for Veterans and Sierra Club Military Outdoors. The program, which aims to provide veterans with mental healthcare, will launch by the[Read More…]

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CHENTSOVA DUTTON: A Close Consideration Of Cultural Intricacies

CHENTSOVA DUTTON: A Close Consideration Of Cultural Intricacies

Pick a word — any word. Read it aloud 30 times. Many of you will notice that the word gradually loses meaning and starts to look strange. This phenomenon, known as semantic satiation, temporarily disrupts our ability to process familiar words, such as “bicycle” or “happiness,” and forces us to[Read More…]

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SABAT: Realization of Doubt Shows Real Strength

SABAT: Realization of Doubt Shows Real Strength

This is a literary pentimento. In my untutored understanding, pentimento is an underlying image in a painting, a kind of original draft that is found underneath a top layer that is, itself, another painting. It comes from the Italian word, pentirsi — to repent, to rethink. What you are about[Read More…]

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Movie Review: ‘The Bag Man’

Movie Review: ‘The Bag Man’

2/5 stars Did curiosity really kill the cat? This is the central question that guides the premise of the noir film “The Bag Man,” written and directed by David Grovic. “The Bag Man” is inspired by psychologist Marie-Louise von Franz’s novel “The Cat,” a strange Romanian fairy tale that depicts[Read More…]

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