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VIEWPOINT: Take Individual Responsibility in Recycling

Hanging from a tree above Red Square earlier this month, aluminum cans, water bottles and plastic containers clashed sharply with Georgetown University’s manicured landscape of and drew people’s attention to the problem of recycling that has long plagued Georgetown’s campus. Members of the Georgetown Renewable Energy and Environmental Network, led[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Dispel Recycling Rumors

Recycling at Georgetown University is needlessly confusing. The university’s failure to explain recycling procedures has muddled student understanding of what should be a simple process, leaving a vacuum for detrimental rumors to fester. Georgetown vastly improved its waste management system with its hiring of a recycling manager in 1989. By[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Collaborate on Campus Recycling

For years, Georgetown University was among the leading universities for recycling in the nation. Recently, however, recycling at Georgetown has been marred by rumors and clouded by widespread confusion over the state of recycling; it has, in effect, fallen off track because of unorganized policy. A sustained effort on the[Read More…]

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Residents of Washington, D.C. are now instructed to put clean pizza boxes and plastic cups in the recycling bin, not the trash.

District Expands List of Recyclables, Adding Pizza Boxes and Plastic Cups

Clean and empty pizza boxes, paper and plastic plates, cups, lids and to-go containers, which were previously considered garbage, are now recyclable in Washington, D.C, the District government announced Oct. 5. The items can now be recycled by District residents as part of an ongoing initiative to reduce waste in[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: The Environmental Flaws of New Leo’s

As The Hoya’s editorial board noted last week, this summer brought major renovations to O’Donovan Hall. The establishment is now divided between the lower-level Fresh Food Company, which offers unlimited portions,  and the upper-level LEO MKT, a collection of restaurant stations. As students bond over the questionable quality of campus[Read More…]

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Greener Campus Needed

Pope Francis addressed a crowd of nearly 15,000 people in a White House speech on sustainability Wednesday. The speech was a call to action to combat climate change and protect the planet. As a Jesuit university that prioritizes compassion and ethical leadership, Georgetown has a particular responsibility to heed this[Read More…]

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TerraCycle bins, which were originally only located outside Vital Vittles, have now expanded their reach to all four freshman dorms and the Healey Family Student Center.

Advanced Recycling Program Grows

TerraCycle, a collection program that recycles complex materials, has expanded its presence to all freshman dorms and the Healey Family Student Center since it was established by the Georgetown University Student Association Senate Sustainability Subcommittee last year. The project, which recycles items that cannot be processed by normal waste streams,[Read More…]

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Making the Most of Move-Out

As students rush to leave campus at the end of the academic year, they are followed, at least in part, by a small but determined cohort of the District’s underprivileged, who take to dumpster diving to salvage what is left behind. This reality is a vivid and unfortunate depiction of[Read More…]

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Senate Evaluates GOCards, Websites and Recycling

At last week’s GUSA senate meeting, the body unanimously passed three pieces of legislation focused on GOCard technology, university online resources and recycling. The first bill called for the university to merge the current GOCard system with smart card technology, a step the GOCard Office had recently considered. The smart card, or radio-frequency identification technology, would read GOCards without direct[Read More…]

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Recycling at GU Stands to Grow

Although the university’s recycling program has made significant gains since the implementation of a series of initiatives in 2008, key areas for improvement remain. At January’s monthly Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting, Councilmember Jeff Jones estimated that residents of ANC 2E, the district that includes Georgetown University, recycle only 25 percent[Read More…]

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