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Experts Call for Universities to Study China’s Soft-Power Influence on Campuses Better

Experts Call for Universities to Study China’s Soft-Power Influence on Campuses Better

To address China’s growing soft power influence on student groups at colleges around the country, universities must understand the context of the situation fully before taking action, said Robert Sutter, the director of the B.A. in International Affairs at The George Washington University, at an event Tuesday hosted by the[Read More…]

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Georgetown’s Language Landscape Promotes Multiculturalism

Since Georgetown University’s founding in 1789, the school has encouraged students and faculty members to broaden their worldviews and dedicate themselves to others, regardless of cultural and linguistic differences. Back then, the university offered language courses in Spanish, French and English for nonnative speakers, even publishing a pamphlet for prospective[Read More…]

EDITORIAL: Recognize H*yas for Choice

Georgetown University should prioritize free speech over religious policy by recognizing H*yas for Choice, a pro-reproductive rights student group. As a university, Georgetown must commit to the free exchange of ideas, rather than prioritizing one belief over another. Club funding must not be based on viewpoint or ideology, despite the[Read More…]

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Less Than Half of New Club Applicants Accepted

Twelve new clubs launched this semester, with the Council of Advisory Boards approving fewer than 50 percent of the 34 student groups that applied this semester for university recognition. The clubs, including the Hong Kong Student Association, Lebanese Student Association and Hoya Teahouse, join over 300 student groups on campus. These[Read More…]

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Asian-American Students Celebrate Cultural Identity

When I lived in Myanmar, I went to an international school comprised of students from all over the world. This exposure helped me to embrace the world’s different cultures as well to learn how to be proud of my own. Because of this experience, I began to hold my racial[Read More…]

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Social Life a Must for Clubs

As club recruitment winds down this week, student leaders should take care to expand their focus from attracting new members to retaining those they already have. Most underclassmen looking to get involved on campus are primarily driven to apply to student organizations because of the missions of those clubs. However,[Read More…]

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Campus Groups Take on the Summer

Campus Groups Take on the Summer

Washington, D.C., may not be known as the city that never sleeps, but that title is easily deserved by its students on the Hilltop. The Georgetown population is one that works tirelessly to improve its surroundings, whether on campus, in the city or internationally. And little things like sleep or[Read More…]

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Students, Groups Honored at Saxa Awards

After another year of student-run events and club leadership, the Center for Student Programs honored outstanding student leaders and groups at the annual Saxa Awards on Wednesday afternoon. The CSP recognized students nominated by their peers for their contributions to student organizations and groups that have enhanced student life. CSP Director Erika Cohen Derr presented the awards.[Read More…]

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SGU Identifies Overlap With GUSA

The Student Group Union identified overlap between its work and GUSA platforms while endorsing ideas — but not any particular candidate — for the next GUSA executive in a press release Monday. The SGU works to improve the experience of student groups on campus and foster cohesion between student organizations. Though it is not endorsing a[Read More…]

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SAC Event Draws Limited Turnout

Poor attendance at a Student Activities Commission working group was representative of broader challenges in engagement and communication that the group faces, according to SAC Chair Jennifer Chiang (SFS ’15). Only SAC commissioners and two student group leaders attended the session, which was intended to be the first in a series[Read More…]

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