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Graduate Students Establishes Election-Day Observation Program

Graduate Students Establishes Election-Day Observation Program

Observe D.C., a nonpartisan initiative started by McCourt School of Public Policy student Ben Mindes (GRD ’19), will pilot a “sample-based” election-day observation program to provide an independent analysis of voting efficiencies in Washington, D.C. Observe D.C. will send volunteer “observers” to 83 of the 143 polling locations throughout the[Read More…]

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Interview with Georgetown Band Almeda

Interview with Georgetown Band Almeda

The Washington, D.C. music scene is among the nation’s best, boasting stadium-sized concert halls and offbeat venues all within a few streets of each other. Georgetown students, however, need look no further than their own campus to find exciting new sources of music and performance. Bands formed by students often[Read More…]

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The new “Launching the Venture” course taught by professor Eric Koester allowed students to write and publish books on entrepreneurship.

Business Students’ Books to Be Published

A total of 15 students in the newly offered “Launching the Venture” course in the McDonough School of Business will publish individual books on business and entrepreneurship. Taught by the co-founder of the home services moderating company Zaarly professor Eric Koester, the course tasked students with writing books on seeking[Read More…]

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Student Works to Create Custom Apparel

Headed by Sales Director Sophia Ronga (COL ’18), the Georgetown branch of the custom apparel company Fresh Prints has established a growing presence on and around campus, handling clothing orders for various student groups and events on the Hilltop. Ronga became involved with the company her freshman year after seeing[Read More…]

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Kevin Fleishman (MSB ’18) and Alejandro Ernst (MSB ’18) started Outcome Tutoring to provide high quality academic assistance.

Student Tutoring Company Grows

Outcome Tutoring, a company founded by Kevin Fleishman (MSB ’18) and Alejandro Ernst (MSB ’18), has expanded its service to Duke University, Emory University and The George Washington University, since its launch in February 2016. Outcome Tutoring was founded to help facilitate the process of finding a tutor. Through its[Read More…]

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Increased Hours, Limited Pay

Dean Norberto Grzywacz is in the process of implementing major changes to the work requirements for doctoral students on Georgetown’s main campus. These changes allow for an increase in the number of hours PhD students work per week without a commensurate raise in pay. They were made not only without[Read More…]

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Vehicle of Erratic Policing

Vehicle of Erratic Policing

Students who live off campus have had enough. Enough of Student Neighborhood Assistance Program intervention in the smallest of social gatherings. Enough of draconian responses to open trash can lids. Enough of arbitrary punishments often compounded by so-called “tone policing.” Although part of an off-campus community, students are not held[Read More…]

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A Little More Credit

A Little More Credit

Internships during the school year are an integral part of the student experience at Georgetown, preparing students for the working world and allowing them to try out different career options before graduation. One of Georgetown’s major draws for prospective students is its proximity to internships in a wide variety of[Read More…]

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Embody Engelhard

The Engelhard Project, a Georgetown program that incorporates health and wellness issues into the classroom, celebrated its 10th anniversary this month. The project encourages in-class project-based academic explorations into the issue of student wellness, which has proven extremely relevant to Georgetown’s stress-laden environment. More professors should incorporate the Engelhard curriculum[Read More…]

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Students, Incorporate

In a move to rediscover its original purpose, Students of Georgetown Inc., has added a social impact chair, an external position, to its governing board of directors this month. If the position is taken seriously by not only The Corp but the rest of the student body as well, it[Read More…]

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