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AUERBACH: Deflategate, Brady Could Go to Supreme Court

AUERBACH: Deflategate, Brady Could Go to Supreme Court

First, let me say this. I am not a Patriots fan. I do not like Tom Brady. I am frustrated by him as an athlete and despise him for being so good at what he does. However, I respect him as a player. NFL fans would simply be idiots if[Read More…]

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Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer spoke on the value of a global perspective in Gaston Hall.

Justice Breyer Stresses Globality

Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer argued that the court should take a more global perspective in legal deliberations and defended the responsibility of the court to uphold the rule of law in a conversation hosted by the department of government as part of the Marver H. Bernstein Symposium in[Read More…]

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Celebrate the Life, Not the Death of Scalia

Justice Antonin Scalia has left us with a fierce political fight. Hours after his death, Senator Mitch McConnell promised to block any nominee that President Obama sends his way. Republican candidates tripped over themselves rushing to back this hardline stance. Across the aisle, Democrats quickly seized an opportunity to attack[Read More…]

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U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Dies

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Dies

Sitting U.S. Supreme Court Justice and Georgetown alumnus Antonin Scalia (CAS ’57) was found dead at a West Texas ranch following a hunting trip Saturday at age 79, according to a statement from Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. “On behalf of the Court and retired Justices, I am saddened to[Read More…]

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Georgetown students gathered outside of the Supreme Court this morning to celebrate the legalization of gay marriage.

Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage Nationwide

The Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide this morning in a 5-4 ruling. Thousands of supporters, including Georgetown students, celebrated the ruling outside the Supreme Court for hours after the decision was announced at around 10 a.m. Justice Anthony Kennedy authored the majority opinion. “It would misunderstand these men and[Read More…]

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Cameras in the Court: A Deterrance of Justice

A constant source of debate in this country regards the question as to whether or not the Supreme Court should allow television cameras in the courtroom. Before discussing this, it is important to note that the phrase “cameras in the courtroom” is a bit of a misnomer —it seems to[Read More…]

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Gay Marriage Ban Lifted in 5 States

The Supreme Court declined review on the three cases contesting same-sex marriage Monday, thus deferring to the decisions of the lower circuit courts and clearing the way for legalization of gay marriage. Now legalized in Virginia, Utah, Indiana, Wisconsin and Oklahoma, same-sex marriage is currently permitted in 30 states in[Read More…]

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Hobby Lobby in the Long Term

A few days have passed since the well-publicized Supreme Court ruling on Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, and some of the initial fervor has died down. Truthfully speaking, the immediate reactions were predictable. Many women and women’s groups were up in arms, citing that the decision had robbed women of their[Read More…]

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Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor discussed the challenges she faced as a minority in her path to the bench Wednesday.

Sotomayor Details Challenges in Law

The Marver H. Bernstein Symposium brought United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor to Gaston Hall on Wednesday for a conversation entitled “A Life in the Law,” sponsored by the Office of the President and the government department. After introductions by University President John J. DeGioia and Robert Katzmann,[Read More…]

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DOMA Ruling Reflects National Values

Same-sex marriage is not just a personal issue. It concerns far more than your right to marry whomever you wish. At its heart, same-sex marriage is a measure of the ability of our communities and our nation to sympathize, to empathize and to love. Embracing caring, committed relationships should be[Read More…]

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